“How To Sell Yourself With A Red-Hot Elevator Pitch” Training Workshop

“How To Sell Yourself With A Red-Hot Elevator Pitch” Training Workshop

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JCI Reading “How To Sell Yourself With A Red-Hot Elevator Pitch” Training Session

with JCI London’s Deputy President, Simon Bucknall

 Date: Thursday 31st March 2011 @ 7.00pm

This intensive, evening masterclass session for JCI was designed to provide practical tips and techniques for achieving a stronger ‘connection’ in the workplace.

“How to Sell Yourself” is an excellent, highly interactive training session which was led by Simon Bucknall giving participants an opportunity to learn to develop their networking skills and to ‘sell’ their ideas more effectively.  The session demonstrated how the 14 participants could structure and ‘sell’ themselves and their ideas more effectively throughout the course of the session.

The session opened with an amusing interactive group work, working in pairs counting up to 3 using a combination of counting, clapping and alternate numbers, working from level 1 to level 3…trust me, it’s not as easy as it sounds! 

We then moved onto answering the question “What do you do?” and providing responses both in partners and feeding back to the rest of the group.  It was interesting how many of us didn’t really understand what our colleagues actually did for a living, especially if they use language or jargon or we can’t relate to their profession.  It seems we all ask the question…”So What?”

Moving on a level, Simon demonstrated the concept of ‘selling’ yourself using a ‘problem’ and ‘solution’ technique and one which works very effectively.  This approach saw participants delivering a very different message when asked the question “What do you do?”  The focus was on how to structure a pitch for maximum impact, making your pitch ‘audience-centric’ and on practical delivery skills.  It was clear that from using this method of ‘selling yourself’ that participants could structure a much clearer and succinct pitch and that colleagues could relate to and understand their job much more easily, thereby holding their attention and interest..result!   

Participants had opportunities throughout the session to practice developing their skills and impact as they built and honed their own 1-minute pitch.  In summary, throughout the session we covered:  

Engaging your listeners’ attention, right from the word go

‘Selling’ yourself and your ideas more effectively

Building your personal brand and ‘be more memorable’ when it counts

On behalf of all those who participated, thank you Simon!


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Simon Bucknall is JCI London Deputy President 2011.


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