How to become a Digital Leader? With Sofie Sandell

How to become a Digital Leader? With Sofie Sandell

June 28, 2014 10:53 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Hasanul speaks about his experience about the workshop on Digital leadership, 

I have read up a lot about leadership but had  never thought about it from the digital perspective so when I spotted the workshop by Sofie Sandel I signed up. 

In traditional JCI fashion the room had a great international spread of people who were there all offering great perspectives. 

The evening was split into two parts. In the first we were taken through a thought provoking hour of what leadership means to us, what great leadership we have experienced and ultimately would like to emulate.  Sofie then helped us understand how you communicate and transfer this onto the web.

She shared many hints and tips on creating a presence and community based on what you believe in passionately or are specialised in.

After a quick break we were eager to start the second half. We were now in a Q & A session with questions thrown in from both Sofie and Rafael our MC for the evening.  This led to some pretty interesting debates and resulted in great thought provoking ideas we could share and walk away with. 

It was a great experience, a lot of knowledge shared and a few new friends made! 

I would highly recommend going to Sofie’s workshops or one of the many great workshops JCI holds almost every week.

Hasanul Hoque

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