Giving difficult feedback – your verdict

Giving difficult feedback – your verdict

April 3, 2013 4:08 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

JCI member James Teale gives his lowdown on our latest business speaker…

What a pleasure it was to have Colin Chrebelski, a current JCI senate and director of Development Group International for another greatly anticipated business event at JCI Cambridge.

With a wealth of knowledge and firsthand experience in the tricky field of people relationships within business, Colin was able to provide handy hints and tips on how to establish and maintain a professional rapport within the working environment through effective feedback. As a key element of performance related information exchange, feedback is a particularly delicate area within relationship management. On one hand, if done correctly it can reinforce positive behaviours and act as a means to provide constructive criticism for individuals to improve their performance. Then again, if done inappropriately it may form the basis for blame and conflict rather than for enabling specific objectives to be established for corrective action. With these broad ideals and with specific models and practical advice, JCI members and newcomers alike took part in a number of activities to bring theory to life. Throughout the session, Colin was highly engaging, clear and concise, with added wit and humour.

On behalf of JCI members and newcomers, I would like to commend JCI Cambridge’s current president James Mitchell and all others involved in organising what was a thoroughly enjoyable and informative event. 

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