Funded Eramus Project Places with JCI Malta

Funded Eramus Project Places with JCI Malta

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JCI UK are thrilled to share that in partnership with JCI Malta, an Eramus + Funded Project in Malta will take place again in 2017. This is the second year this project will be held and we are extremely proud that JCI UK continues to participate as one of the five countries to offer this development opportunity to our members. We are looking for 6 JCI UK members to attend this funded project.


Dates: 22-28th October ( delegates need to arrive on the 22nd and leave on the 28th)

Participating Countries: UK, Estonia, Syria, Jordan, Malta

Number of delegates from each country: 6

Travel Funding: Up to a maximum of €360 per delegate (payable only upon presentation of original receipts and boarding passes)

Food and Accommodation will be covered in full

Project Description:

This training will be defining what direct and indirect discrimination is and will specifically focus on discrimination towards refugees. This ultimately has the aim of decreasing social exclusion. One of the main learning outcomes of this training is ‘new awareness’ on how JCI should better cater for young people with fewer opportunities and be more inclusive.

The main learning outcomes foreseen for this project are:

– Participants will understand better what is discrimination; both direct and indirect
– Participants will learn how to contribute to the quality and quantity of inclusion projects within Erasmus+ programme
– Participants will obtain a common vision and commitment to provide more inclusive opportunities to young people with fewer opportunities; especially refugees by listening to real-life experiences
– The participants will learn about the Inclusion strategy and how they can apply its principles within JCI
– The participants will learn how to facilitate and increase the access youth workers working with young people with fewer opportunities to develop and implement “inclusion projects” within the JCI networks.

This training course will be based on non-formal methods of education. For the implementation of this project the trainers will use different methodologies such as: case studies, simulations, discussions, world cafe, living libraries and visits to NGOs amongst others. Apart from that, the trainers will also apply youth pass methodologies for reflection of the learning outcomes.


Important to note:

– No expenses made related to travel for this project before the 1st of August will be refunded. Project date commencement as per agreement with the National Funding agency is the 1st August. Therefore only purchases after this date are eligible for refund.

– It is only possible for us to host a maximum of 6 delegates per country

– A ‘Head of delegation’ needs to be assigned. This person will be the main point of contact with JCI Malta during the days leading up to the project, during and after.

– No refunds will be possible unless ORIGINAL documentation is received by JCI Malta. This means original receipts for all expenses.

As a bonus, we have also just managed to confirm the presence of JCI World President Dawn Hetzel in Malta during this Project, so this will be a great opportunity for the delegates to meet her.

This is an amazing opportuinity for 6 JCI UK members to attend this event in Malta. The JCI UK National Board will be accepting applications from now until Friday 11th August. Applications to be made on two sides of A4 and must demonstrate why the JCI UK member should be considered to attend. Applications to be emailed to the Local President before the deadline.


Good luck!

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