27th June

Leadership Tools Giving Constructive Feedback

by Lavu Njobvu
JCI London


UPDATE: The training date has changed. The new date is 27.06.2022!

“I’m worried about how the receiver will react to my feedback”

“I find it hard to give negative feedback, it’s uncomfortable”

“I don’t want to hurt their feelings”

“I don’t know how to give bad feedback”

“They’re not listening to my feedback”

“I don’t have time”


Often, these are common phrases some of us have used when it comes to providing feedback to colleagues in the workplace.

Feedback can be challenging to give and even more challenging to receive, which tends to be the reason why a lot of people avoid it or find other means of indirectly communicating.

Becoming an effective leader requires many things, one of those is the ability to encourage growth and inspire your people to become the best versions of themselves, constructive feedback is part of it.

“Feedback is a gift” – Simon Sinek


This session will cover the following topics:

  1. The concept of feedback
  2. The reason you feel uncomfortable giving feedback
  3. Changing perceptions
  4. Encouraging a growth mindset
  5. Creating a feedback culture
  6. Feedback triggers
  7. Why people aren’t receptive to your feedback
  8. How to provide constructive feedback
  9. Different feedback models – Sandwich, SBI, Pendleton, CEDAR & 360 Feedback
  10. The emotional state of delivering feedback

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Date & Time

Monday, 27 June 2022
18:30 - 20:30 GMT


Online Event