Emotional Intelligence and Leadership – June’s event with Kevin Bullock

Emotional Intelligence and Leadership – June’s event with Kevin Bullock

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Blog » Kevin Bullock.jpgOn 14th June, Kevin Bullock addressed JCI Cambridge in a talk about Outstanding Leadership.

Kevin believes that our effectiveness as professionals is not so much based on technical competences as personal effectiveness.  

The key skills/attributes that make outstanding professionals and leaders are; Emotional Intelligence, effective communication and high expectations. 

According to Kevin’s research, the worst part about being a leader is working with adults who will not change. He believes that it is almost impossible to change people as they don’t often see life the way it is – they see it the way they are…at a particular moment.  He states that what is needed to truly change a person, is not so much a persuasive argument as a perspective prodder…..it’s changing perceptions, not circumstances that moves a person forward! 

Kevin has recently and very successfully rolled out a popular and innovative new project called Excellence Through Employees which a High Impact/Simple Strategy programme that can transform any organisation. It is based on the latest research focusing on the skills/attributes of outstanding leaders and organisations. It also reflects best practice in organisational leadership

The programme supports an organisation in refocusing (realigning its energies) on its core purpose

  • It identifies how every employee/volunteer can have a high impact on the core purpose

  • Helps identify key deflectors from core purpose

  • Supports the organisation in distinguishing between activity and accomplishment whilst ensuring the wealth of excellence in the organisation is re-channelled towards key outcomes/goals.

“All too often I would witness very hard working schools and companies wasting time and energy focusing on irrelevant or low impact strategies peripheral to the organisation’s core purpose. I truly believe that effort and energy without a core purpose is like speed without direction!”

Kevin’s innovative and refreshing approaches to leadership and communication coupled with his wide experience in both the educational and commercial sectors have resulted in continuing success in his role both as a consultant, speaker and head teacher. Kevin maintains that it is not his ability so much as his approach that has led to this success.

For more information on Excellence Through Employees or Leadership Courses, please contact Sue Ling on 01638 720296 or visit our website www.kbconcepts.co.uk.  


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