Congratulations JCI Canary Wharf!

Congratulations JCI Canary Wharf!

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Oh what a night! On Tuesday 25 March, over 70 people gathered to celebrate JCI Canary Wharf becoming JCI UK’s newest affiliated chamber. And boy do these guys know how to celebrate!

The views from over the skyscrapers and water of Canary Wharf from the 48th floor Attic bar were stunning. There were great speeches explaining why the chamber was started, what it is setting out to achieve and what members can gain from JCI. The achievements of the members were recognised with awards for innovation, excellence and leadership. 

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Attendees were treated to the best views over Canary Wharf

The Canary Wharf team have worked really hard and have already achieved an incredible amount. They have a vision (Lead you Life), they have already hosted many successful events and have some brilliant community projects in the pipeline. It is no surprise they have experienced 80% membership growth so far this year and have some very big ambitions for the rest of the year.

What strikes me is how much of a team they are. A team that is supportive, a team that is excited and a team that is having fun. Most of all a team that is open and encouraging others to join them, something I’m sure they’ll have no trouble with.

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The room was packed with JCI Canary Wharf members, members from sister chamber JCI London, senators and non-members (also known as potential members) thanks to the hard work of organising team Leena, Ilario and Nabiil

President, Michela Pascucci, on behalf of the chamber graciously thanked members, senators and national board directors who have helped out and were there to support them. In fact I think we should be thanking them. It is seeing the success of a new chamber like Canary Wharf that inspires and motivates me as a national board member. I feel very lucky to have been able to play my part, however small, in their journey so far.

Deputy National President, Drew Charman, had this to say:

It was a fantastic event. The energy and buzz in the room was electric. Both Michela Pascucci and Kate Senter gave amazing and inspiring speeches – it was one of those genuine moments that I was filled to the brim with pride at being both a member of JCI and a member of the National Board team“.

Blog » meet the members » Canary Wharf » CW Party Awards.jpgBlog » meet the members » Canary Wharf » CW Party Awards 2.jpg 

Members were recognised for their contribution to the organisation

The JCI Canary Wharf affiliation party was the very definition of a great JCI event – I came away with a huge smile on my face thanks to all the fantastic people I met (and wanting to run home and write a blog to shout about it!). I loved speaking to new and potential members of the chamber, answering their questions and hearing about their aspirations for their membership.

Congratulations JCI Canary Wharf – I can’t wait to see your chamber’s story unfold.

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