Yorkshire Filmmaker: Danny Lacey

Yorkshire Filmmaker: Danny Lacey

Posted By admin |21 Aug 2014
Yorkshire Filmmaker: Danny Lacey

We caught up with Neal Stirk to get a review of Danny Lacey's talk for JCI Sheffield...

On Monday 11 August with JCI Sheffield I went to a talk and Q&A with Danny Lacey at Electric Works. Danny Lacey is a Yorkshire Film Director who has made some great short movies on modest budgets. He realised his dream slightly later in life than most but has by no means lagged behind because of it.

Danny's First film was called Angel Of the Night that was about 3 minutes long and took a day to film its quite dark and very chilling. On his journey he has also made several other short films including Love Like Hers and Host documenting it from start to finish which has attracted Danny quite a large following on Social Media and giving no shortage of help when filming.

Through Danny's use of social, blogging and vlogging he has established great relationships with fans and colleagues in the industry a like including cinematographer Philip Bloom who has worked for LucasFilm. Danny places a real emphasis on Social Media and Interaction using this medium to gain exposure and help with his films and other ventures.

It's truly inspiring to see what can be achieved by being proactive and passionate about what you enjoy. Organizing a team of people to create a film is no easy feet and making decisions on the fly when things aren't working won't help and organizing people to make these changes happen must incredibly difficult. Not only has Danny managed to make great films he has also managed to turn his passion in to a business creating Music videos and corporate videos in the UK, working with the band Embrace and Polydor to name-drop just two.

Hearing Danny talk was brilliant and his journey is a great one, which has shaped a great business learning all the time and sharing his experience with others. It's an inspiring story one which we can all learn from even if we don't fancy filming our own movies.

Keep up the hard work Danny!