World Malaria Day

World Malaria Day

Posted By admin |22 Apr 2013
World Malaria Day

It's World Malaria Day this Thursday, 25th April. I'd like to share a blog posting from Saroya, our Community Director for JCI UK:

"Did you watch Mary and Martha on Friday 1 March? If you were not moved, well I don’t know what will! I cried so much.
I really recommend that you take the time to watch this film on BBCi player. Believe me you will be inspired by this almost unbearably moving film. Just to give you basic outline, it based on the true story of wealthy American housewife Mary Morgan and English woman Martha O'Connell. They both travel to Africa and both end up losing their sons to malaria.


Trailer for Mary & Martha film

Prime Minister David Cameroon responded to the film, “Over 1,500 children die every day from this preventable and curable disease, leaving behind thousands of grieving parents. Malaria keeps people from work and children from school in communities and countries struggling to work their way out of poverty. I am proud that malaria remains a priority for the UK Government. We have seen progress, with deaths in Africa down by a third since 2000, but efforts must be sustained if we are to achieve our goals. We are committed to helping to halve malaria deaths in at least ten of the most badly affected countries.” Deaths from malaria are down by one third in Africa.

But over 600,000 children are still dying needlessly every year from a disease that costs £1 to treat and £5 to prevent. Through providing insecticide bed nets that cost $10 approximately £6. Well, JCI UK has always been committed to supporting the Nothing But Nets Campaign to help eradicate malaria. 

In 2013, JCI UK pledging to save 1800 children lives from malaria through purchasing 450 which equates to a bed nets per member. JCI UK have a variety of fundraising events throughtout the year. We asking that oyur members to get involved with help us meet that target. How will you mark World Malaria Day?

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What is the Nothing But Nets Campaign?
Is a grassroots movement involved in malaria prevention through advocacy, procurement and distribution of free bed nets. Every $10 donation to Nothing But Nets goes directly toward the purchase, distribution, and education about the proper use of a long-lasting, insecticide-treated bed net. Bed nets work in two ways: they stop mosquitoes from biting during the night and spreading the disease, and the insecticide on the net kills the mosquitoes when they land on it, preventing them from flying on to find their next victim. Bed nets can prevent malaria transmission by 50 percent and up to 90 percent in areas with high-coverage rates."

Soraya Bowen
JCI UK Community Director