Why should I go to JCI UK National Convention?

Why should I go to JCI UK National Convention?

Posted By admin |03 Mar 2015
Why should I go to JCI UK National Convention?

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By Philip Cavalier-Lumley

It's really not that difficult to justify WHY (see below) and with an early bird offer of £200 for the whole weekend including accommodation then what's stopping you signing up right now?

JCI UK's national convention is the unique annual event in which members, senators and some non-members (I don't have a link for any of them) come together in one place to meet each other, share experiences, train and learn together.

Highlights of the weekend will be of course great speakers and trainers who will provide amazing insights to business, personal development and human achievement.  BUT, it doesn't just stop there the National Public Speaking, Debating and Extempore competitions will be hosted with the usual fun and laughter as members battle it out to be the UK champions. If you're not attracted to taking part and competing they are certainly excellent events to spectate.   

Like all great events having a quality social aspect to these conferences is very important and Barnsley have got a very good track record for helping people 'out of their shell' and partying hard.

The cornerstone event to the weekend has to be the Saturday night gala dinner which includes the national awards ceremony.  The efforts of members around the UK are recognised and it gives everyone the chance to celebrate in style.

Some of the award categories will be entered into the European awards for 2016 and ultimately, if successful, can lead to the ‘world’ awards.

I’ve attended all but one National Convention over the last 5 years hosted in Reading, Sheffield and London (twice).

Last year I attend the National Convention in London and it was truly an amazing experience for JCI Bradford to be short-listed for several awards but collecting an award for the ‘Most Outstanding CSR Programme’ was just icing on the cake.

I personally was recognised for being the ‘Most Outstanding Senator’ which was a very lovely surprise but no prize money, why is that? heheheh  

The conference fees and options are all online at www.jciuknc2015.co.uk and as of today there are only 8 early bird tickets left.