Why I joined and what I get out of being a member

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Why I joined and what I get out of being a member

Posted By admin |10 Sep 2019
Why I joined and what I get out of being a member
By Lewis Ball

What made you decide to join JCI? 

I’d just got a promotion at work (I work in business intelligence for the NHS) and I was looking for new personal development opportunities. My girlfriend is the local president for JCI Southampton so she may have encouraged me slightly…  The membership is only £10 each month which is comparable to a couple of pints so it’s definitely worth it for the amount of events, socials and training on offer this year. 

What’s been your best JCI experience so far? 

I really enjoyed attending the Business Forum hosted by Sandeep Sesodia at the end of last year. Hearing his experiences in business and his tips and tricks for success were really interesting and inspiring. The event was hosted in a relaxed atmosphere with thought provoking questions and a chance for Q&A which made the event engaging and interactive.  I ran the ABP Southampton 10k in May for JCI Southampton to help fundraise for their charity of the year – Southampton City Mission. The support from other JCI members on the day was amazing. 

What JCI events have you enjoyed attending this year? 

I’ve enjoyed attending the monthly pub quizzes – I’ve been to the ones at Maritimo Lounge, London Road Brewhouse, Revolution and the one at Seaside in the Square. The mix of people from different backgrounds and professions makes for a good quiz team! It’s entertaining finding out about people’s interests and specialist subjects.  I also really enjoyed attending the Netwalking event in April as it was a relaxed way to network whilst also seeing a part of Southampton that I don’t go to often. 

What are you looking forward to with JCI? 

I’m looking forward to the gala dinner in October as I’ve not been to a formal JCI event yet but I’ve heard a lot about them. I’ve seen first hand the hard work that Fee and Ed have put in to organising the dinner so I’m excited to see the finished event. 

How does JCI help you with your career? 

I decided to run a training for JCI Southampton after a few members mentioned that they needed help with Excel. I use Excel day in, day out at work so thought I could probably share a few tips. This was fairly out of my comfort zone but has definitely improved my confidence for presentations at work.