What will you be doing in 2018?

What will you be doing in 2018?

Posted By admin |25 Aug 2014
What will you be doing in 2018?

2018 might seem a way off yet, but an organisation like JCI has to look to the future to make sure the good work we do continues into 2018 and beyond. This year saw the launch of the 2018 world plan for JCI and this month Tracy and myself went down to Birmingham to discuss how this world plan will be rolled out on a UK level as well as to individual chambers including JCI Barnsley.

The idea of the plan as a whole is to position JCI as the organisation that links together Business, Government and People Power to work together to have sustainable, positive impact on our communities.

Now this might sound a very big ambition, and it is, but if as an organisation we are to achieve it, it has to starts at a grass roots level.

It has to start at a local chamber level.

It has to start with you, our members.

As the theme of this year in JCI Barnsley is to ‘Challenge Yourself’, I want to give you all a challenge now. I want you to think of one problem that you see in our community that you would like to see change and an idea of how that change could happen and who would need to be involved to make it happen. I want you to post them on the Facebook group page, or if you would prefer to keep it quiet for the time being, e-mail it to myself.  These can then be used to form part of the longer term plan for JCI Barnsley on the road to 2018.

See you all soon.

Ben Hawley
2014 President