Visit to JCI Cambridge

Visit to JCI Cambridge

Posted By admin |11 Jul 2012
Visit to JCI Cambridge

Blog » Random » 280px-KingsCollegeChapelWest.jpgI write this post on the morning of our JCI London 'Ten Outstanding Young Persons Awards' Night. Really looking forward to it - and we have more than ninety people booked. Super!

Last night, I paid a visit to our friends at JCI Cambridge - to deliver a workshop 'Talk The Walk' on communication and how to articulate your 'true value' as a professional. Imagine my delight to discover that, on arrival at Cambridge train station, the venue was all of 200 yards away!

As ever, a very warm welcome from chamber President, Patrick McCrae, and VP, James Mitchell. Thanks guys!

Cambridge have a very good relationship with top slaw firm, Eversheds, so we had a terrific space to work in - and a lively group of about 15 people, keen to learn and ready to push beyond the proverbial comfort zone!

If you're reading this and are within easy reach of London, why not come to one of our upcoming events? There's plenty to choose from - though I suspect spaces at tonight's TOYP event may be all but sold out!

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Simon Bucknall