Vicious Circle Dinner

Vicious Circle Dinner

Posted By admin |08 Nov 2011
Vicious Circle Dinner

A plate of fish and chips, a room full of JCI members and a very large vat of sarcasm, name calling and likenesses to elephants, mix it all together and you get this year's Vicious Circle competition! This year the theme had been set; "An elephant never forgets" and our 4 guest speakers, Catherine Berry, Yorkshire RGC for 2011, Lisa Price of JCI Sheffield, Phil Cavalier-Lumley of JCI Bradford and JCI Barnsley's Richard Grange took to the stage to give us their spin on this.

The lovely Sandra Pilarcyzk, Deputy President from JCI Sheffield was our MC for the evening and she certainly took charge, kept us all in our places and made sure we all knew that next year she wants to be first in line to be a speaker!

Catherine was up first and had clearly done her research into elephants as she explained their traits, and the similarities to her fellow speakers!

Lisa told us the price of her fellow speakers, ranging from a night in with Richard costing just £5 to trading in your old motor for a Cavalier Lumley for £20, and closing with an evening with Lisa is Priceless.

Vicious Circle virgin speaker Phil entertained the room with thoughts on how we should pass on our wisdom and thoughts to our children like elephants do!

Richard provided us with the animal awards ceremony, selecting members of the audience to receive his home made trophies of spray painted animal toys. He provided the audience with a very, ermmm, creative video, including roping in his friend Dave to recreate their own Geordie charity advert!

At the end of the 4 speeches, the votes were counted and our very own Richard Grange was triumphant in winning the Vicious Circle trophy. The night was a huge success with attendance up by nearly 30% and we also raised £53 for our charity, BIADS. I‘m now off to apologise to all the toy shops in Barnsley for the odd man who bought up all the miniature animals and scared away the kiddies!

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