Two years as a JCI Barnsley Member

Two years as a JCI Barnsley Member

Posted By admin |30 Aug 2013
Two years as a JCI Barnsley Member

It was a little less than 2 years ago when someone first mentioned JCI to me. At the time I had never heard of JCI and so I was naturally unsure about what I would find when I first contacted JCI Barnsley to register an interest. Luckily I was greeted by a friendly and welcoming team who were all keen to tell me about the journeys they had been on with JCI, along with their experiences, lasting memories and how they had all benefitted from participating.

I was lucky enough to start my JCI life close to the launch of the 2012 Personal Development Programme in Barnsley, which went on to win both a National and European award for being the best growth and development programme in 2012. One course was held per month at the modern Digital Media Centre in Barnsley and I found myself benefiting in one way or another from each event. I was able to learn more about and improve key skills that are needed to be successful in the work place such as confidence, networking and public speaking. All courses were delivered in a relaxed manner where participation was encouraged, and points could easily be transferred from the classroom to a role at work. Within a matter of months I found myself giving presentations at work which is something that I would have feared before taking part in this programme!

I have found myself joining the JCI Barnsley council team as both Finance Director and Social Director which has given me the chance to organize events for others. We appreciate that our members put a lot of time into development and networking, and so our social events offer the opportunity to relax and get to know people on a personal level too. One of the advantages of JCI is that one week you can find yourself learning about leadership techniques before applying it in the workplace, and then rather rapidly developing teamwork skills as part of our dodgeball team or joining us for a game of laser tag against other JCI chambers!

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In conclusion my 2 years so far as a JCI member have lived up to the stories I was told when I first spoke to members back in 2011, and I will always be grateful of the opportunities JCI has given to me.

Ian Bragger, JCI Barnsley Finance and Social Director