Twinning is winning

Twinning is winning

Posted By admin |29 Apr 2013
Twinning is winning

Twinning is winning

When the twinning of JCI Mayo and JCI Sheffield was established I didn't think it would mean much! You hear about towns and cities being twinned but after that nothing really happens so why would chamber twinning be any different? I'm so happy to be able to say that because of the members of both chambers we have turned this twinning into a positive, solid and co-operative experience that I believe will last for many years. 

As a new chamber, JCI Mayo has gained great knowledge and confidence by its twinning with JCI Sheffield. We have established many friendships that I know will last even beyond our JCI years.
We are very fortunate to be able to easily travel between the two branches which further deepens the bond between our members; even though we have monthly Skype calls there's nothing like meeting up and chatting face to face.Blog » International » Twinning is winning.jpg

We have already arranged annual trips between the branches. The first twinning trip was St Patrick's weekend when members of JCI Sheffield came to Mayo. Over the weekend we carried out a number of teambuilding exercises, including pizza-making, took advantage of our county's beautiful beaches, walks and castles with a sightseeing tour and even took part in the Westport St Patricks Day Parade with our homemade banner.
JCI Mayo were privileged to host some JCI international training sessions, Impact and Achieve, at our recent twinning weekend. By having members from a different branch/city/country there I feel we benefited even more in our training as we were able to share project ideas and experiences with each other which as a closed branch we would not achieve.
JCI is an international organisation, but sometimes the international events can be daunting or hard to reach. Twinning with JCI Sheffield offers a more accessible side to being international and provides more realistic development opportunities for all members empowering them to make positive change.
It's easy to say you're proud of something, but thinking of reasons why can sometimes be difficult. Not when it comes to twinning with JCI Sheffield - a well established branch with years of experience and expertise. They have helped JCI Mayo, a newly affiliated branch, understand the reason why JCI is such an amazing organisation to be a member of. Their passion for JCI has ignited a passion in Mayo to develop and grow into a branch as long-lasting as Sheffield's.

I love the fact that friendships have developed between the members, and on our recent twinning weekend it was apparent that the bond would last and develop over the months and indeed years to come.

Deborah Mc Andrew
2013 JCI Mayo president

Ilona Alcock, JCI Sheffield Deputy President said: "The international aspect of JCI is hugely important but often seems inaccessible to many. By twinning with a relatively nearby Chamber (just an hour's flight away) and setting up regular Skype calls, it has become a regular feature for members of both Chambers. The recent twinning weekend gave us the opportunity to undertake two fantastic JCI courses (Achieve and Impact) together, and to share knowledge and best practice. In short, the twinning provides real development opportunities and is constantly empowering us to create positive change!"

Vicky Bulman, JCI Sheffield International Director explained: "The trip has been invaluable, giving us time to develop relationships between the two chambers and individual members. Our motto is "Twinning is winning" and this visit has confirmed the importance of building international bonds. I can't wait for the next instalment, when they visit us in Sheffield in July!"

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