Training Academy

Training Academy

Posted By admin |29 Jul 2016
Training Academy

Following the launch of the National Training Team in the autumn of 2015 the next step towards developing future JCI UK  Trainers was the creation of the first National Training Academy which took place on  4th and 5th June in Birmingham and I was lucky enough to take part.

The academy was designed and delivered by two of JCI’s experienced trainers, Emma Eastwood and Sarah Beckwith as well as Martin Gustafsson from JCI Sweden. During the academy participants learnt about the learning cycle and how different people learn in different ways.

During the weekend we learnt a lot of theory about how to deliver great training sessions and how different people learn in different ways. As part of the academy we were put into groups and had the challenge of delivering a 30 minute training session on any topic we liked. Therefore the first challenge was to find a topic on which the 3 of us (Epi from London, Sophie from Southampton and me) all felt comfortable delivering a session on. Lots of work was involved but when we came to deliver the training on the Sunday morning we did a really good.

Following completion of the academy I, along with Mark Smith from Sheffield and Michaela Schaller from Manchester, have met the criteria necessary to join the National Training Team (NTT). A few of our fellow delegates are extremely close to meeting all of the criteria and will undoubtedly be joining the NTT soon!

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A massive thank you to Emma, Sarah and Martin for all their hard work in creating this academy and for the passion and enthusiasm with which they delivered it. Also thanks to the JCI UK Foundation for their financial assistance and to BPP Birmingham for the use of their amazing training facilities. 

I'm really looking forward to putting the skills I learnt at Training Academy into practice at our leadership academy, LEAP, which takes place on 19th to 21st August. At the time of writing there are still a couple of places and I would highly recommend the academy - without it I would not have even contemplated delivering training. For more details check out the events page of the website.

If you have any questions about the National Training Team, the Training Academy or any other aspect of Personal Development please contact me by email at