To the members of JCI Barnsley

To the members of JCI Barnsley

Posted By admin |22 Oct 2015
To the members of JCI Barnsley

Now I know we are still have a couple of months left of 2014 and most of us won’t even be thinking about Christmas but we need to start thinking about next year.

2015 promises to be a great year in JCI as we celebrate 100 years of JCI. JCI Started in 1915 in St Louis (USA) by Henry Gissenbier and don’t we have a lot to thank Henry for.

JCI : Celebrating 100 years of impact

With this in mind, 2015 will be an excellent year to get involved in our council team and to build on our successes we’ve already had. Being on the council team means you are giving yourself the best opportunity to ‘get the most out’ of JCI.

The roles on the current council are as follows:

Role  Details
Deputy President  Supports with the leadership of the chamber
Finance  Responsible for our record keeping
Community  Responsible for our charity projects
Personal Development  Responsible for our training programme
Social  Responsible for our social calendar
Business  Responsible for links with local businesses
Admin  Responsible for the admin of the chamber
Marketing  Responsible for communicating to the outside world
Membership  Responsible for membership (existing and new)

I'm open to additional roles and ideas if you have them!

The current council team can be found on our website click here 

If anyone wants to know more about these roles or is interested in one of taking over one of roles for 2015, please contact me, details on be found on the bottom of this blog. I have got some interest in some of the roles but if you see something that you would like get involved please have a chat with me.

I also want to give you a couple of dates for your diary.

On Tuesday 14th October I will be have a planning session for next year, I would like to invite you all to attend. The purpose of the session will be to exchange ideas for events next year. We will met at the Holiday Inn at Dodworth at 7pm. There is a Facebook event set up, please confirm your attendance, click here.

On Thursday 6th November it will be our AGM and again you are all invited to attend and further details will be announced by a formal notice in a couple of weeks.

Remember JCI is run by its members for its members.

Tracy Anderson
2014 Deputy President.