The Spirit of JCI - Ignite your passion

The Spirit of JCI - Ignite your passion

Posted By admin |19 Oct 2011
The Spirit of JCI - Ignite your passion


I am currently sat on the train from Paddington to Reading on my way home from the very first JCI Ignite – South London social event held at 'The Loft' on Clapham High St.

I would like to congratulate the entire JCI Ignite team on a fantastic event that was, in my opinion, a huge success.

The evening reminded me of why I joined JCI. I am not talking about the fabulous offering that JCI has in personal development, community, business, social, or international arena's. I am talking about the pure spirit of JCI, the open forum that is a group of passionate people talking to each other trying to work out how they can help someone else purely for the safe of helping them.

It honestly reminded me of my very first event at JCI Reading where I decided to join. On that night and again tonight (and many times between) I have experienced the natural excitement in a room where people are happy to share, their stories, their ambitions, their goal and are actively seeking ways to achieve them.

JCI Ignite is off to a great start, well done guys.

For all those I have met this evening, make sure you contact me and I WILL help you, as will all the others from JCI Ignite that offered you their help.

Take action and make the difference, to yourself and those around you for that is the Spirit of JCI.