The Rotary Disability Games

The Rotary Disability Games

Posted By admin |13 Apr 2014
The Rotary Disability Games

On Sunday 30th March, members of JCI Barnsley volunteered at the Rotary District 1270 Disability Games, held at the Metrodome.

The District Disability Games are held annually across the country, with the winning teams going forward to the National District Games. For the second year in a row, the Rotarians from Barnsley Rockley Rotary Club were hosting the District Games, and we went along to lend a hand.

Rotary Disability Games
Jo and Leanne sporting their Disability Games T-shirts

Like many other sporting competitions, there was a variety of sports being competed, including Archery, Darts, Boccia, Table Tennis and Wheelchair Racing. The JCI Barnsley volunteers were assigned to help run the Boccia events. This is a game which I would compare to something like boules, you throw/roll/lob a white coloured ball (or slightly weighted beanbag shaped ball) into the arena, and then each competitor throws their assigned coloured balls towards it. Unfortunately, I can't actually say what the rules were, or whether you had to get close/far away to win!

Our main task was tracking down the competitors, accompanying them to their game, and encouraging and cheering them on. The locating of competitors was definitely easier said than done. 400+ competitors, plus their carers/family members/support teams, plus approx. 200 volunteers made it a bit like finding a needle in a haystack. It was unbelievably rewarding though. The joy on the competitors faces when you found them and told them it was their turn to play, and then seeing how focussed and determined they were in each round was inspiring. It just shows, no matter what obstacles are put in your way, if you are given the right opportunities, you can always be successful and accomplish something you wouldn't believe was possible.

Jo Mackfall
JCI Barnsley Admin Director