The Cost of JCI Manchester

The Cost of JCI Manchester

Posted By admin |20 Mar 2019
The Cost of JCI Manchester

If you’re reading this then we’re sure you know about JCI Manchester, but if not you can find out more here. It costs just £10 a month to become a member of JCI, and that might seem like a lot, but let’s break it down to what that includes:

  • Access to our monthly events

On average there are three events you can attend each month. Your tickets to these events include hot drinks and pastries at our Breakfast Briefings and welcome drinks and nibbles at our social events.

  • Training on various skills

Our events provide opportunities to develop your professional and personal skills. From building confidence for public speaking and networking to budgeting and marketing your brand.

  • Networking

At all of our events there is the opportunity to meet other young professionals in Manchester. This is a great chance to find potential business partnerships but also it can be a great opportunity to find new friends, which is really useful if you’re new to the city.

  • Supporting a charity

Each year JCI Manchester chooses a local charity to support, and whilst the donation of your ticket price for our charity events isn’t included in your membership fee, you can also get involved in volunteer projects by being a JCI member. 

  • Enhancing your CV

By being a member of JCI Manchester you can volunteer to be on the board of the organisation and help run our events for other members and non-members. This can be a great way to showcase your skills and responsibilities to your employer and future employers.

  • Worldwide Opportunities

As JCI Manchester is part of the worldwide organisation JCI, you can attend and contribute to various events around the world.

  • Fun and Unusual Socials

We try to ensure our events are at various locations around Manchester. This allows our members to experience the different and unique places the city has to offer. Past events include crazy golf at Junkyard Golf, darts games at Flight Club and salsa dancing at Revolución de Cuba.

Yes, ALL of that for just £10 a month! Still not sure? Well here’s what else you could buy for just £10 a month:

  • 3.8 coffees
  • 5 bacon sandwiches
  • 1 packet of cigarettes (20 pack)
  • 2.5 pints
  • 2 burgers from a well known fast food chain

We’re sure many of you buy more than that each month anyway! Or you could even think about it this way. It’s still cheaper than: your monthly gym membership (which you hardly use anyway) and just ONE takeaway.

Have we got you interested now? How about if we tell you it’s easy to sign up, you can pick the date of your direct debit and as soon as you have got your confirmation email you can start making the most of all of the benefits!

To find out more about become a member please get in touch, or just sign up here.