The 'Best/Most Outstanding' Awards

The 'Best/Most Outstanding' Awards

Posted By admin |03 Dec 2018
The 'Best/Most Outstanding' Awards
It's incredible to see what local chambers and individual members can achieve in the space of one year, and our National Convention is the perfect time to give back and show our appreciation, the 'Best/Most Outstanding awards took place at our Gala Dinner last night and-as a National Convention first timer-it certainly did not disappoint!    

Announcing our 2018 winnners!

BEST TRAINER: Ilona Alcock   Ilona has made a huge impact this year, developing her personal skills in a variety of subjects, especially. She now helps others by delivering countless hours of training on behalf of JCI in this field both in the UK and internationally. Ilona's night got even better when she was surprised with a Senatorship too! 
  JCI Belfast were awarded Best Local Peace Project for their incredible #onesmallstep project created with the sole intention of empowering young people to create positive change and unite all sectors of society. The results were great, giving members the opportunity to develop personally as well as gaining new members!  Find out more!



BEST INTER-ORGANISATION COLLABORATION PROJECT: Certificate of merit JCI Nottingham worked with chambers and members accross Europe organising their car rally from Nottingham to the European Conference in Riga. (Crossing 5 countries and stopping at 7 cities on the way!) Another excellent example of how they have thrown themselves into the deep end already, and it has aleeady been confirmed to continue next year!   Read about the rally  
Brighton chamber totally encompassed the spirit of JCI in their Youth Summit Project which involved climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.  The prioject contributed to JCI's goal of becoming a leading network for young active citizens, and the members who pushed themselves both physically and mentally and raised a huge sum of money for a great cause!   Find out more about the JCI Youth Summit here!  






Cambridge set their 'How I Got Here CEO Panel Event' out to empower attendees in true JCI spirit, helping them achieve their own aspirations and goals. This award was well deserved, supporting Sustainable Development Goal 8: Decent Workd and Economic Growth, by breaking down barriers of traditional pathways into business. Read all about it!   

JCI Southampton really knocked it out of the park this year, with incredible drive to make it's members "better", utilising the JCI Plan of Action suberbly. The team encourage members to get actively involved and improve their skill set, ultimately working towards the 2018 goal #BeAWorldChanger  (We know you love a good hashtag)  





JCI Doncaster have been running their Secret Santa Appeal for over 10 years! The success ultimately led to the event being rolled out on a National Scale for JCI UK's new Christmas Appeal '18. The purpose of the programme is to reduce inequalities and support less fortunate children by collecting toys at Christmas, an incredible idea that has led to a (very) well deserved award!

JCI Southampton has managed to engage it's members, enabling them to develop their networking skills in a friendly and relaxed environment. Southampton hosts regular social events open to both members and non-members constantly reassessing their technique to make sure their members get the best experience as possible out of JCI, living up to our promise of 'Making Life Long Friends'.




Jessica Hoban

Sadly Jess couldn't attend NC, but she was definitely there in spirit! She joined in January this year as an intern for JCI Southampton, organising events such as the Cultural Pub Crawl, which highlighted Southampton's historical areas, as well as helping out with French Night, training and social events, it's safe to say she is a tribute to the team! Well done Jess!
 Ed joined JCI in 2016, and has made a huge impact since! Working on projects such as AGM 2018, JCI Kortrijk twinning weekend, and running training sessions for his chamber. He has represented JCI excellently and definitely fulfilled the goal of being a World Changer! You go Ed!


Edward Palmer


Certificate of Merit


Ready to take on JCI Southampton in 2019, Fee has exerted herself beyond expectations this year making sure that her presidency starts with a bang! She has also been a consistent help to 2018 president Andrew Steel, and has shown excellent leadership skills already. Watch out Southampton, big things are on their way!
 Drew has worked extremely hard this year ensuring that JCI London will begin 2019 as best as possible, he already has his local board in place, he's set the strategic priorities for JCI London and he has developed a toolkit for his board of directors! In Drew's own words: ''I am so humbled to have been given this award. Thank you all for being a part of my journey thus far. I can't wait to see the impact we make next year!"


Drew Cornies


Andrew Steel

 Andrew has shown amazing leadership and determination in his year as Local Southampton President, ensuring regular social and training events are consistently put in place as well as hosting the AGM this year. Anyone who knows Andrew knows of his incredible nature and willingness to help and listen to everyone, and it has definitely been reflected in the 8 awards (and 1 certificate) JCI Southampton won this year! A huge well done.
Bursting onto the scene, JCI Nottingham has definitely made an entrance with a board and members full of enthusiasm and drive. They have shown a great interest in the community and international events with members taking part in official training courses all over the globe already. Nottingham are well on their way to having a secure 2019 board already as well as preparing to help out on a national scale too. There are plenty of things to look forward to! MOST OUTSTANDING NEW LOCAL ORGANISATION: Winner
MOST OUTSTANDING LOCAL ORGANISATION: Winner Manchester have run a number of active event programs for their members with impressive attendance too, including a public speaking club and local competitions to encourage members to compete nationally. They have also made a significant impact on securing and building key resources for the chamber and have really stood out this year in making their JCI experience the best it can be.
This award goes to someone the National President thinks has shown all the qualities of an amazing leader. This year, there have been some amazing leaders in the organisation, but in Ben's opinion no one embodies the qualities needed more than William. He is approachable, has loads of contact with his members and has worked with Belfast's deputy to make sure they are ready for the role of Local President. With an energy and passion that just radiates off him, you can't help but to feel inspired when around William. A true leader. MOST OUTSTANDING LEADER: William Redpath
MOST OUTSTANDING LEGACY: Hannah Woodcock Hannah has effectively been Local President for the last three years. She has made sure her local chamber have have continued to run events, stays relevant in the community and attracted new members. She has continued this role when others would have stopped and let it fail when there was no one else to take over. Leeds is now at the stage other members are stepping forward to run events and lead it going forwards. Thanks to the work Hannah has done, one of the longest running chambers in the UK is still running. 
It is said no other senator this year has done so much for this organisation. Not only has Katie organised an amazing National Convention and lead the Conference team in Doncaster, she has been a huge support to Ben as National President.  In Ben's words "Katie has helped me to complete my role this year with both practical and personal support. I can honestly say that with out her support, I would not have been able to do as much this year as National President!" MOST OUTSTANDING SENATOR: Katie Ogley