The Adventures of Piggers at JCI European Conference 2012!

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The Adventures of Piggers at JCI European Conference 2012!

Posted By admin |28 Jun 2012
The Adventures of Piggers at JCI European Conference 2012!

Poor little Piggers didn't know what he had let himself in for when he set off and the, what turned out to be long, journey to JCI European Conference 2012 in Braunschweig, Germany! 

With his little union jack suitcase packed Piggers was ready to make his way to his first European Conference and he was very excited to be meeting so many members from across Europe.  He packed his note book and pens, JCI UK pin and his union jackage and he was very excited.  It was an early morning for Piggers but nothing was going to stop him having a customary first drink in the airport, even if it was 4am!

Blog » Piggers » Piggers after one too many

This was not Piggers's first flight so he wasn't nervous, but excited to get his first conference underway.  It was all going so well until Charlie's connecting flight got delayed in Munich and she could make it to the opening ceremony on time.  Piggers however, remained unfazed and threw on his best union jack attire to say hello to the National President's of Europe and attend the official opening of the JCI European Conference 2012. Piggers waived his little flag and cheered National President, Solveig Malvik, as she made her way across the stage in her union jack dress.  His first conference then kick started with a bang as he got to sample the European Market, whilst drinking a cheeky glass of pink champagne.

Blog » Piggers » Piggers in his union jackage

Day 2 and Piggers thought it was time to give something back to JCI and help our at the JCI Strategic Planning Forum.  Piggers had lots of ideas as to how we could move JCI forward and develop.  All this planning was a bit tiring though so it was back to the hotel to change into some more union jackage and prepare for the evenings tram shed party!  Piggers was lucky enough to become acquainted with a Danish cow and spent lots of the evening dancing with the Japanese.  He even got his first ride on the JCI Party Tram!

Blog » Piggers » Piggers at the Strategic Planning Forum

Piggers was enjoying all this planning and partying, but it wouldn't be a conference without some good old fashioned training so Piggers headed off to 'How to Maximise your LOM' to pick up some ideas on how he could grow the membership of JCI Barnsley and create a plan of action to take home to the UK.  After only 1 little international incident he was raring to head back home an put his passion into action!  Unfortunately it was time for the Nothing But Nets charity party, so he had to wait a bit longer before he could head home to help his beloved Chamber.

Blog » Piggers » Piggers at his training session

Now our Piggers is a patriotic type so he was slightly concerned that he was going to miss the England football match, but fear not, JCI Germany had thought of everything and the cinema, the venue for the evenings party, provided the perfect arena for more pink champagne and an winning England side on a big screen!  There was even popcorn to boot!  Not to let the night end there, Piggers cheered JCI UK International Director, Tim Metcalfe, in his mankini for charity and had a wee cocktail or two with his twins from JCI Aberdeen.

With little sleep and a bit more champagne it was Day 4 and time for Piggers to do a bit of sightseeing!  Unfortunately it was all a bit too much for our little friend, so Gemma had to carry him for most of the way, however, he did learn a lot about the history of Braunschweig.  A tactical nap was in order before the gala dinner and awards ceremony.  Piggers put on his glad rags and cheered as JCI UK members won awards.

Blog » Piggers » Piggers on his walking tour

he curse of the JCI Aberdeen Pignapper returned and poor Piggers had to be rescued by JCI Europe's very own Executive Vice President, John Webber!  After all the excitement it was finally time for Piggers to say goodbye to his new international friends and head home for a good nights sleep and to put his passion into action!