The Benefits of Coaching for leadership tuesdaytraining with JCI Derry

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The Benefits of Coaching for leadership tuesdaytraining with JCI Derry

Posted By admin |09 Oct 2020
The Benefits of Coaching for leadership tuesdaytraining with JCI Derry

JCI Derry are delighted to have hosted Jo Thackwray of JK Coaching for our #Tuesdaytraining on the 6th October.

Jo is a radio presenter and an EMCC EIA Life, Career & Small Business Coach

“I can’t promise to change the world, but what I can do is help you focus on your strengths, listen and challenge you to reach your potential, face your challenges and shine bright.”

Jo was an absolute joy to work with – our connection to her came with from a networking session where Jo met a JCI member who referred us to her. A wonderful example of the connections that JCI can make. #bettertogether

The aim of the evening was to provide insight into developing a coaching approach for the JCI Leaders of tomorrow.

So what did we do on the night?

We took  an interactive look at encouraging our leaders of tomorrow to explore the benefits of adopting a coaching approach to leadership,

  • How a coaching approach encourages empowerment, development, motivation & good communication.
  • How coaching improves staff retention & engagement.
  • How coaching improves productivity & sales.
  • How coaching improves wellbeing & work life balance.

Jo took time to understand the experience of the participants – which varied from those completely new to the concept of coaching, to a qualified coach and a couple of people currently beginning their coaching journeys. Jo accommodated us all…keeping the session interactive to allow us to learn from each other as well as from her experience.

Then we broke into breakout rooms to have focused discussions around the key questions Jo posed to us – open questions of course to maintain the coaching ethos.

  1. What would you like to work on?
  2. What benefits could it bring to your leadership style and team?
  3. What benefits will it bring to you?

The groups re-united to share their learnings which focused on how coaching can help with delegation, and removing pressure for the leader by empowering their team (over time) to make reasoned decisions. One attendee, Peter, used the example of his charity. He was unable to be at work due to a family illness, but was able to use coaching techniques via calls and messages to keep his team on track. This empowered his team and insured that the charity continued to do their essential work even with their leader off site. He still benefits from this as his team have more confidence having worked through that experience.

After our hour and 15 minutes we…

  • Understood the benefits of a coaching approach.
  • Were motivated to explore a coaching approach.
  • Planned to develop our own coaching skills.

JCI Derry thank Jo for her time and expertise which offered a great event to us all!

JCI Derry member, Paul Stafford

“Great opportunity to reflect on one’s own management style, and discuss how ideas and techniques in coaching can be applied in our current working environment as we’re adapting to be productive under the constraints of coronavirus, all with an enthusiastic, engaging and knoweldgable speaker”

JCI Belfast President, William Redpath

“I’ve just started my coaching journey so getting an overview as well as practical things I could do to improve my practice was brilliant. So delighted I went along!”

From my point of view, the session was engaging, thought-provoking and fun. The time flew by, but the message behind the training has stayed with me.

Selina Horshi

JCI Derry President 2020