Tales from a Forest in Sweden

Tales from a Forest in Sweden

Posted By admin |14 Aug 2014
Tales from a Forest in Sweden

"You're doing what with your annual leave?!
Running about in the middle of a forest in Sweden for 10+ hours a day practising and facilitating team building activities.

For my non-JCI colleagues and friends it may sound a little weird, but here's why I wouldn't swap my unusual holidays for the world.

I have been a member of JCI for eight years and I love that every year I have found new opportunities to completely challenge and develop myself. This year it was the great honour of being selected as one of the trainers at European Academy (EA) in Sweden, a four-day leadership academy for incoming local presidents from across Europe. Having been on project teams and boards in my local chamber and then nationally, being a part of an international team felt like the perfect next step. It was an amazing experience and a huge highlight of my year as JCI UK Personal Development Director.

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I participated in EA in 2010. It is an intense experience for its delegates. Being a trainer was no different. We worked hard, we went through the same team building experiences that we ourselves were helping the delegates to experience and I for one was way outside of my comfort zone. Of course the highlight was the people I met. Each and every team member brought something different and I learned something from each of them. Our days together were full of laughter and we created memories that I'll treasure.

It was incredible to be part of the life-changing experience that many delegates have at EA. This is why I love training. To know that something I helped facilitate has taught members something valuable, which they can put into practice and make their local chambers better.

I came back exhausted and covered in insect bites, but utterly exhilarated, which is why, while opportunities like this exist, I won't be choosing a relaxing holiday on the beach anytime soon.

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