Taking the LEAP from delegate to organising team member

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Taking the LEAP from delegate to organising team member

Posted By admin |08 Sep 2014
Taking the LEAP from delegate to organising team member

The JCI UK Leadership Excellence in Action Programme (LEAP) was formed in 2012 to be an academy for training the future leaders of JCI. I was lucky enough to be a delegate on the second academy in 2013 and it pushed me forward in so many ways (some I only realised months down the line!) I knew that I didn't want to just have the one experience of LEAP and so plucked up the courage to offer my services to the organising committee to assist with the 2014 programme and they were happy to have me on the team.

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I learnt lots about myself as a delegate but equally as much as part of the organising team. Being part of a team of enthusiastic volunteers who were all equally passionate about making the weekend a success was inspiring. I learnt lots of new skills such as liaising with hotel staff, designing a delegate handbook, plus assisting with the delivery of a couple of the training modules. The highlight for the weekend was watching the journeys that the delegates made and knowing that they have skills for the future. With potential leaders like these, I truly believe JCI UK has a great future!

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For me, the best thing about JCI is the way you can push yourself to be a better individual and know that you have the full support of your fellow members. On that note, I'm taking over as the JCI UK Ten Outstanding Young People (TOYP) Award Manager for 2014/15 and know that I will be able to utilise some of the skills learnt with LEAP to help me run this to the best of my abilities. 

I challenge you to push yourself out of your comfort zone to improve your skills...whether by attending LEAP in 2015; getting involved with a local project or a national project (the TOYP team is looking for enthusiastic volunteers - please email me on jameslambertjci@gmail.com). Whatever path or paths you choose you know, by taking action you will Play Your Part in both the future of JCI, inspire future members and, most importantly, your own personal development. Are you willing to take that LEAP?

James Lambert, JCI Southampton

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