Step Up January: What a Success!

Step Up January: What a Success!

Posted By admin |21 Feb 2019
Step Up January: What a Success!
  Step Up January was a brand new initiative aimed at showing the benefits of exercising - in whatever way works for you - and the positive correlation this can have on your mental wellbeing. We're very proud to announce that the campaign was a huge success; we saw many members Step Up throughout the month in many different ways. Some members particularly stood out on social media, and were kind enough to share testimonials of their experience with #JCIUKStepUpJan.  

James Lambert 

2019 Deputy National President

To be brutally honest, I doubted that I would manage to complete this challenge. However, to make myself accountable I was determined to make a social medipost every day, which really helped. For the majority of the time it was surprisingly easy to fit in 30 minutes of activity, but there were a couple of (cold and wet!) days when I very nearly didn't complete half an hour. But I was determined not to make excuses.

It also helped that I chose different activities to complete the challenge, including walks, running, swimming, badminton, pilates and a HIIT workout. I can safely say that I felt better for doing each and every day of activity, and for taking the time out from my usual routine to get active. It has helped me both physically and mentally and I am so happy that I took part in the #JCIUKStepUpJan campaign.

Tracy Grange

Senator and Member of JCI Barnsley

I'm quite an active person, but I knew that being active every day would be a challenge - especially in January, with its cold weather and dark nights. By day I'm an accountant, so it's also a busy month in the workplace! To help me through the project I signed up to a free 30 day yoga challenge, 'Dedicate by Adriene.' I knew that a different yoga class landing in my inbox every day would help my motivation!

Throughout the month I kept my usual fitness routine. I'm a member of a running club, so Tuesday and Thursday nights are runs. For non-run days, I practised yoga at home in my jazzy Lucy Locket Loves leggings. I can't believe the difference I have noticed on my posture and body strength practising yoga on a regular basis.
The biggest challenge for me is downing tools at lunchtime and going to for a walk. I managed to do this a couple of lunchtimes - even rewarding myself with a walk to Costa! I definitely felt better for doing so and enjoyed the winter sun when I did. As for my mental health, exercise always makes me feel better and forget tough work days. My husband often comments that I'm a lot happier when I come back from a run with the club (even when the run is hill intervals for 30 minutes in the cold and dark!).

Hannah Woodcock 

2019 Community Action Director for JCI UK

I decided to combine my Step Up January challenge with one of my New Year's resolutions: write more! Every day throughout the month, I walked for at least 30 minutes, took a photo en route, then wrote something inspired by the image.

As well as the mental wellbeing benefits (it definitely encouraged me to get out of the office on my lunch break), I really enjoyed finding inspiration in unexpected places - including a hotel carpet, road signs and a supermarket trolley bay. If it wasn't for this project, I doubt I would've set aside time for personal writing. I created and printed an anthology of my 31 'picoems' (picture poems) as a souvenir, and am already thinking of new ways to challenge myself...maybe by writing a story on a hike?

I was so impressed with the fantastic levels of engagement in this campaign. Well done to everyone who stepped up!

  See the month's highlights here: [embed][/embed]