Speed Networking Event Success!

Speed Networking Event Success!

Posted By admin |02 Jan 2013
Speed Networking Event Success!

We have probably all attended a stuffy, boring networking meeting at some point or another in our working lives!

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It strikes me as strange that if ‘people buy from people', is a boring and formal networking meeting really the best way to promote yourself and your business? Is it conducive to allowing people to really get to know you and decide if they can or want to potentially do business with you and you with them?

With this in mind, JCI Portsmouth has launched our fantastic Speed Networking events! The first event took place on 16th February at the Holiday Inn, Southsea. It truly was a fantastic night, with incredible energy and atmosphere. It was relaxed, fun and informal. It was fast paced and highly energetic; but as I walked around the room it amazed me to see how animated and enthusiastic people were about their professions!

The media continually goes on about the doom and gloom of the current economic climate, the threat of a possible double dip recession, the euro crisis, the rising unemployment and Government spending cuts and although yes, these things are all happening, moaning about it and spreading this doom and gloom throughout the country is certainly only perpetuating the problem!

That is why it filled me with such pleasure and confidence to see that in our Speed Networking room the recession was nowhere in sight! Spending cuts were not the hot topic of conversation, business opportunities were the focus!

It was really exciting for me to be a part of something that is having a positive effect on the businesses in the Portsmouth and wider Hampshire region. To see so many different and varied professions coming together to see how they can grow their business network and build more opportunities was fantastic. From Accountants to Plasterer's, Florists and Business Coaches, it was a vibrant and exhilarating night, where everyone was welcome!

Many people came up to me at the end of the night and told me that they had picked up several leads and opportunities! Obviously, a truly successful business relationship cannot be formed at just a Speed Networking event, it is up to the attendees now to make the most of the contacts they made and follow up with the leads and opportunities to turn these into real business!

I can't wait for the next JCI Portsmouth Speed Networking Event!

Jasmine Blofield
President, JCI Portsmouth