‘Say Hello to the Real You’ Workshop - Training Review

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‘Say Hello to the Real You’ Workshop - Training Review

Posted By admin |29 Jul 2011
‘Say Hello to the Real You’ Workshop - Training Review


Date: Thursday 14th July 2011

Venue:  Dexter Montague LLP Solicitors, 105 Oxford Road, Reading, RG1 7UD

Trainer: Stephen Wells - AIM to Succeed

 This highly interactive workshop was be facilitated by Stephen Wells, founder of AIM to Succeed.  Steve coaches Businesses and Individuals to help them reach their full potential by identifying previously hidden strengths and unbridled ambition.                 

In the literature for the event Steve suggested that we would be introduced (possibly for the first time) to the real you - the aim of this workshop.  This was the part that really grabbed me! 

As a group, we identified the following key objectives:

  • Who is the real me?  
  • What is it that makes me?
  • What defines me?

Learning about yourself and what influences the decisions you make.  Building on the positives and learning to look at the old negatives in a new light.  Fascinating stuff and I'm confident that all those who attended the session agree that we certainly achieved this and a whole lot more!

We all have different experiences and what they mean to each of us.  Steve opened the workshop by asking each of us to introduce ourselves to the rest of the group, by stating what it is that defines us.  Tricky!

Introductions done, we moved on to try to define 'what I am' by compiling a personal list. 

My list began...

  • I am Diane
  • I am a wife to David
  • I am a soon to be mum
  • I am a member of JCI Reading Board of Directors
  • I am an HR Business Partner etc  etc

Exploring these lists we discussed them and Steve took us deeper into how we use them to define ourselves. As I thought more about my 'what I am' list, my list began to grow at rapid speed including:

  • I am happy
  • I am loving
  • I am a foodie
  • I am motivated
  • I am not creative

 The list is endless and will have to be rewritten continuously as I reflect.

While reflecting on the lists Steve also talked about perceptions and how we can each have very different views of the same story.  Steve provides an excellent example of this theory by reading us a detailed story.  It's fascinating how we each process and filter information so differently. 

This moved onto how we all use language patterns and how we process the world around us (as it happens) :

  • Delete, distort and generalise information
  • Are influenced by values and beliefs
  • Posess internal representation
  • Intrasinctly link our state to our physiology

.....attitude, passion & self belief

Which lead us to some interesting NLP concept, including Maslow's hierarchy of needs:

  • Higher purpose / Identity
  • Values
  • Beliefs
  • Capabilities
  • Behaviors
  • Environment

In summary, Steve explained the theory that by learning about ourselves we will be able to move forward with a new insight into 'our' world and how we are really in control of it.  Setting us up perfectly to set new goals and ensure that we achieve them.

Throughout the course of the workshop, Steve guided us through:

The current you:

  • All the things that we are
  • What made us think that is us
  • What we have achieved so far
  •  The Real you:

Steve challenged us to step into ourselves with new knowledge and identify who we really are, asking us to let yourself go and dream our dream.

This was our opportunity to ensure we know why we want to be where we want to be.  Allowing us to set ourselves ambitious and honest goals knowing that we committed to achieving them.

Steve closed the workshop by asking each of us to write a postcard which we addressed to ourselves with a short note of what we had promised ourselves personally.  Steve committed to post these to each of us in 21 days time as a reminder.  What a great idea - thanks Steve! 

Personally, I thought this was an excellent workshop provided by an excellent, passionate and highly knowledgeable trainer.  I got a lot from it, it really makes you think about who you are, what you want to be, how you will get there and what you already are and that's only scratching the surface! 


Training was provided by Stephen Wells, founder of AIM to Succeed

 AIM to Succeed:

  • Ambition
  • Inspiration
  • Motivation

 Steve is also JCI Reading President 2011.

 Other workshops by AIM to Succeed include:

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Finally, on behalf of all those who participated, thank you sincerely Steve for a fabulous workshop, it was highly interesting, informative, provided food for thought and good fun!

Review written by Diane Edgington (JCI Reading Training Director / HR Business Partner for the EMEA region Seagate Technology)