Sabirul Islam's 2nd book goes GLOBAL within 1 week!

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Sabirul Islam's 2nd book goes GLOBAL within 1 week!

Posted By admin |17 Feb 2016
Sabirul Islam's 2nd book goes GLOBAL within 1 week!

JCI TOYP 2010 Honouree, Sabirul Islam, still only 21, has launched his second book titled ‘Young Entrepreneur World.'Sabirul Islam book 2012

Young Entrepreneur World contains interviews with 25 of the world's most influential young entrepreneurs, youth activists and changemakers with a vision to create positive change, all of whom are under the age of 25! Their interviews deliver empowering messages on a personal, business and political scale. The book shares their success stories and how they got to where they are today. It also challenges the unwanted statement of whether today's youth are a lost generation. 

Never before has the voice of youth been as powerful and as meaningful as it is today. From witnessing the London Riots all the way to the Arab Spring. The future rests up on young people coming together, making a statement and creating a better way of life for themselves. Rather than solely rely on decisions made by a generation of leaders whose policies and ideologies do not fully reflect the true need of today's youth.

The Young Entrepreneur World provides a global insight as to the beliefs of today's youth, we stand united when we say "NO to oppression, YES to freedom, No to corruption and bad policy and YES to transparency and opportunity.
The leaders profiled come from all over the world. Europe, the US, Asia and Australia and started their journeys from their teenage years. This book will challenge and inspire young people across the world to break out of their comfort zone and create a successful and fulfilling future for themselves.

The book has already grasped the African Market, with the book already selling over 10,000 copies in its first week of launch in Africa since February 15th 2012.

With an incredible year ahead, where Sabirul is on a journey to Inspire 1 Million young people, he will be touring Swaziland, Nigeria, Zambia, Zimbabwe, The Maldives and South Africa all before the summer of 2012.

Sabirul says; "2012 will by far be the most empowering year of my life. The past 6 or 7 years have been incredible and now my focus lies up on transforming the lives of youth globally, and sharing with them the belief that today's youth do in fact have what it takes to be successful."

The book is now available in all book stores across the UK and you can buy it online on Amazon.

Sabirul Islam, 21: A teen-trepreneur from the age of just 14, a global motivational speaker having spoken at over 600 events worldwide and author of the bestselling books The World at Your Feet and Young Entrepreneur World.Sabirul Islam Photo

With Sabirul becoming a junior trader at 16 and his inspiring books selling over 60,000 copies to date. Sabirul launched his Teen-Trepreneur board game at 18, to educate young people about business, which has sold to over 550 schools in the UK and in 14 countries worldwide.

By 20, Sabirul set up Teen-Speakers; a speaker's bureau consisting of 38 of the world's most successful and influential young people, all under 25 striving to empower youth worldwide with a message that ‘Generation Y' has what it takes to be successful.

Now aged 21, Sabirul's vision to inspire young people has expanded to a global scale, having set up the Inspire1Million Campaign with a vision to Inspire one Million people in 20 countries within 12 months. So far Sabirul has delivered the campaign across Europe, The Maldives, Botswana, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Japan with further tours lined up in 2012 across Africa, Asia and South America.

Sabirul's passion is to inspire millions of young people around the world that everyone has the abilities to be extraordinary.