Run with the Worthington's

Run with the Worthington's

Posted By admin |17 Aug 2015
Run with the Worthington's

Wow, what a week

In one week I have experienced both being a cheerleader and runner. On Sunday 12th July, My alarm was set for 6.15am, I never thought I would be getting up early on a Sunday morning to cheer on a group of friends including 4 of our own JCI Barnsley members at the Leeds 10k. The run with us comprised of;

  • Debbie and Joe Worthington, Ian Bragger and Kathryn Brookes from JCI Barnsley
  • Fiona and JJ Silverster from JCI Rotherham
  • Katie Ogley from JCI Doncaster
  • Gareth Carson from JCI Sheffield
  • Anil Champaneri from JCI Leeds
  • Michaela Schaller from JCI Manchester.
  • Caroline Tills, Molly Doran, Rachel Blyton and Fiona's mum

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As a supporter you get to play the game 'Where wally' or this case where's the MS Trust vest. It's quite a tiring job along espcially with clapping! It was great to see the runners all finish especially those that ran a personal best and a special mention to Kathryn, Gareth and Caroline for all competing their first and may be there only 10k!

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On Wednesday 15th July, it was my turn, at the start of the year I challenged myself to couch to 5k with the Nostell Proiry 5k as my target. On the evening I was joined by the duo, Debbie Worthington (good cop) and Fiona Silvester (bad cop). Joe Worthington and JJ Silvester ran the 10k. Both got me round the 5.8k course with their motivational words and chants of Haribo and beer going up the last hill. The course was actually 5.8k as the marshall's sent us the wrong way to start with! A very memorable first official race for this reason!! I was overwhelmed with the support on the night with members from both Barnsley and Sheffield coming to cheer us on and I chuffed to bits on completing my first challenge. Adamant I was never going to do a 10k, I now set my sights on the Lincoln 10k next spring and join the park run community for a weekly 5k!

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Thank you Debbie and Joe for inspiring me to run, you are both doing a fantastic job of raising lots of money and creating awareness of the MS Trust. This year they are challenging themselves to running a total 500km between them. To keep up to date with the challenge, check out their website.

If you would like to donate to the MS Trust please use the just giving page below:

Here's what the other JCI Barnsley runners had to say.

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Kathryn Brookes:

I've never been a runner, so when Debbie and Joe announced their plan to take on 500km in a year I saw it as a fantastic opportunity to not only improve my own fitness, but to support two friends on their mad mission! It was tough going, with a lot of training throughout the year, and a lot of training avoided...

I was a little worried come 10k day! But, I did it! Exhausted, in pain, but accomplished!








Ian Bragger:

In the past I have enjoyed long distance running and built up to and ran a marathon in 2012. Since that day, I have not been able to motivate myself to run since, despite wanting to. In 2015 Debbie and Joe have set themselves a difficult challenge. Witnessing their drive and determination to hit their target by running even on cold and wet winter days was what convinced me to get out of my comfy chair, dust off my running shoes and run with them at the Leeds 10k to help support them with their challenge.

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