Review of our talk on CSR at Southampton's Women's in Business Club

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Review of our talk on CSR at Southampton's Women's in Business Club

Posted By admin |14 Aug 2017
Review of our talk on CSR at Southampton's Women's in Business Club
Hannah, one of our new members and Sophie, our local President were invited to the Southampton's Women's in Business Club meeting on Wednesday 28 June to deliver a talk on Corporate Social Responsibility. Below is a review of Louise, the event's host about the meeting:
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Review by Louise Cragen from Platform Social - 28 June 2017

"Yesterday’s theme was all about CSR and Businesses giving back and we were delighted to welcome Hannah and Sophie from JCI (Junior Chamber International, Southampton) to talk to us about this subject.  Women’s Business Club is all about Women in Business supporting each other and our Southampton branch is here to serve you as business women and to support you in your growth and success whilst encouraging feminine leadership. We also have a lot of fun and make great friendships and collaborations too.

I’m giving you a summary of the very inspiring, entertaining and enlightening talk given yesterday and do feel free to come back with questions if you have any.

  • Hannah defined CSR for us - Corporate Social Responsibility which is a regulatory requirement for Businesses
  • It focuses on Environmental and Social Wellbeing, giving back to the wider community and there is a huge difference between the responsibility for big companies v smaller ones
  • The main reasons for CSR are
    • Consumer Demand
    • Recruitment - to form an ethical alliance
    • Cost Management
    • Public Attitudes
    • Because it’s the right thing to do
  • JCI (Junior Chamber International) stays local and supports local companies and local charities and has several projects currently rung within local companies.
  • JCI - Mission Statement is ‘To provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change’
  • JCI - Ethos is to make the world a better place
  • Southampton has some specific issues
    • Loneliness 
    • Older population
    • Somewhere to go for young people
    • Rats
  • JCI aims to hep with these and give companies an understanding of why they need to do something for a local charity and offer skills for young people to be part of a bigger cause

  • Sophie looked at the wider picture and posed the question .. ‘How can we as business people make an impact in the world?’
  • Businesses create wealth so we as businesses can help
  • Businesses have three responsibilities 
    • Economic
    • Health and Safety/Human Rights
    • Responsibilities desired by Society
  • Sophie introduced us to 17 Sustainable Development Goals from the United Nations which will frame policies and strategies by 2030
  • This is a long term game as consumers and businesses have the power to change the world as consumers/suppliers/employers/recruiters etc
  • Sophie stated that CSR is very powerful if used genuinely with staff behind it.  Staff will be empowered to make change if they share values 
  • Sophie finished with a quote ‘A business that makes nothing but profit is a poor business’

We finished the meeting with a couple of book recommendations - The one thing - Julia recommended and Too Fast to think - Sheryl recommended.

So save the date for our next meeting ladies…the theme is ‘Connecting Your World’ and we will be helping you to grow your network.  Keep an eye on my Facebook Page  for updates and here is the link to book in

Any questions on membership, lunches or anything else do get in touch.

Kind regards


Here is another feedback from Sheryl Andrews, a WBC member who attended the event "Fabulous meeting at Southampton Women's Business Club - inspiring talk from JCI about CSR"