President's Weekend Away

President's Weekend Away

Posted By admin |20 Aug 2012
President's Weekend Away

The JCI Leeds team went on their annual weekend away of team building to Lumley Fee in August.  The weather was superb and we had the most excellent time.  6 of our 8 directors were there and two plus ones.  The weekend usually starts on friday night (as most weekends do!) we arrive unpack, choose our bunks (its very basic accommodation which it adds to the fun) get cooking and drinking (of course we drink this is JCI!). Play silly games and generally get to know each other better.  We certainly managed that.
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The Saturday was as late start, cooked breakfast, and a very very long walk around the Lakes, the sun was blistering.  Stopped for our packed lunch (lovingly prepared by the "can't cook, won't cook" president) with a fantastic view of the lake.  Saturday afternoons dont get much better than this.  The end of the walk was of course topped of by a visit to the pub where Tim ordered "a nice cup of tea", he is a funny onion!

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Back at the ranch more games, fun, drinking until the weekend subsided.........this is what JCI is all about, spending time with brilliant people and having brilliant experiences.  I am very happy to be in this excellent team!
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