Pound a Day Challenge

Pound a Day Challenge

Posted By admin |28 Dec 2016
Pound a Day Challenge

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As we start off the New Year from all the Christmas festivities- binging, over-indulging and drinking with family & friends, it is easy to forget those that are less fortunate in our communities.

Our pound a day challenge is just the solution to set you back on track and also give you an opportunity to experience what it feels like to go through a week without access to the luxury foods we often take for granted.

This project is in aid of ‘Save the children', a charity that helps to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger around the world, and by so doing, helps to tackle the first two of the United Nations Sustainable Development goals (SDG#1 and SDG#2) in the process.

Save the children operate worldwide in developing countries, as well as right here in the United Kingdom.
Pound A Day will be our First National Event of 2017 and will be taking place the week of the 9th -16th January 2017. All we ask is that you take £7 off from your weekly food budget that week to live on, and donate the rest through our JCI UK Page.

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All proceeds go to ‘Save the children'. Get your friends and family to support you so that you are not in it alone.

Use the #jciukpoundaday in your social media posts and let us know what you are eating -your shopping lists, recipe ideas and meal photos. Join the excitement, keep in touch and let us know how you are getting on!

Here are some guidelines to help you throughout the challenge.

• Your £7 weekly budget has to include both food and drink.
• You donate the difference between your £7 budget and your normal food and drink spend and donate it through the Just Giving page.
• You can use basic seasonings of salt and pepper from your cupboard. However, you cannot use additional spices such as chilli and garlic unless you buy them from your budget.
• You can use oil for cooking purposes, but only in small qualities. It cannot be used in large amounts for things such as salad dressings unless you purchase it specifically for such dishes.
• You cannot use sauces or condiments such as mayonnaise or ketchup unless you purchase them from your £7 budget.
• You can buy items that come in large quantities, such as tea bags, split it and exclude the percentage of money for the amount taken out. However, you must declare this before the event and make sure you are not tempted to cheat and dip into the part that is from outside your budget!

How you can get involved

~ Undertake the full challenge, using the rules above. We encourage this one the most as part of the challenge is understanding what it is like to live on such a small budget, as many people in the UK do.

~ If you don't feel able to commit to the full challenge, consider giving up a luxury item, such as alcohol or your favourite sweet treat, and donate what you would have spent.

~Sponsor other members taking part.

Those that have taken part in the challenge before, speak of the rewards in helping them budget better, and just the transformation into better citizens that are sensitive to the needs of other people around them.

Will you join the challenge?