Pound a Day 2016 - Coming Soon to a Chamber near you!

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Pound a Day 2016 - Coming Soon to a Chamber near you!

Posted By admin |22 Apr 2016
Pound a Day 2016 - Coming Soon to a Chamber near you!

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What is Pound a Day?
The Pound a Day project is now into its fourth year and continues to grow year-on-year. This year we are doing it slightly later in the year to correspond with World Hunger Day (28th May 2016), to really understand the impact that hunger brings on our communities, not only locally, but nationally and internationally.

To take part in the project you will need to: 

  • Limit yourself to a £7 weekly shopping budget, for both food and drink
  • Donate the difference between your £7 budget and your normal food and drink spend through the Just Giving page

Rules include:

  • You can use basic seasonings of salt and pepper from your cupboard. However, you cannot use additional spices such as chilli and garlic unless you buy them from your budget
  • You can use oil for cooking purposes, but only in small qualities. It cannot be used in large amounts for things such as salad dressings unless you purchase it specifically for such dishes
  • You cannot use sauces or condiments such as mayonnaise or ketchup unless you purchase them from your £7 budget
  • You can buy items that come in large quantities, such as tea bags, split it and exclude the percentage of money for the amount taken out. However, you must declare this before the event and make sure you are not tempted to cheat and dip into the part that is from outside your budget! 

So how can you get involved? 

  • Register your interest to our UK Community Director - Katie Jackson - by emailing katie.jackson@jciuk.org.uk 
  • State how much your weekly shop normally costs, so we can work out how much you will be looking to donate at the end of the week 
  • You will then receive details of the Just Giving Page and a designated Facebook group (to share ideas with other participants and recipe ideas)
  • We are big fans of social media so whether funny or serious, get posting! We would love to see your shopping list, recipe ideas and meal photos. We also want to know how you are doing throughout the event; is it easy? Are you struggling? Be sure to use the hashtag #jciukpoundaday when tweeting so we can share ideas and keep each other motivated.

If you do not feel that able to commit to the full challenge, consider giving up a luxury item, such as alcohol or your favourite sweet treat, and donate what you would have spent.

How can I sponsor other members that are taking part? 
A Just Giving page will be launched shortly and will be shared on our social media channels, so watch this space and get donating! 

If you have any questions about the event please contact Katie Jackson on katie.jackson@jciuk.org.uk.