Planning action for 2016

Planning action for 2016

Posted By admin |30 Aug 2015
Planning action for 2016

What do you think JCI UK should be setting out to achieve in 2016? We want to hear your views!

As deputy national president it is my responsibility to prepare the national Plan of Action for 2016. I want to create a plan that is ambitious, inspiring and relevant to all JCI UK members. In doing so we can all work together to make JCI UK a bigger, better, stronger organisation.

Some of the things we will be considering include:

  • What national events should we keep doing? Which ones should we change/replace?
  • What causes and/or charities should we support? 
  • How can the national board support local chambers and members?
  • What projects can be run in local chambers and combine together to attract national recognition?
  • What initiatives can we introduce to improve communication, marketing, administration, etc?

All ideas are welcome: the more creative, ambitious and extraordinary the better!

We will be holding a planning session after the AGM on 12 September at 2.30pm at Sheffield Hallam University. Everyone is welcome.

If you can't make it, please feel free to drop me a line about your ideas (I'm happy to a set up a call to talk):

P.S. There are still 2016 national board positions and project lead roles available. Get in touch to find out more.