Piggers makes his first international event at JCI Scotland's National Conference

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Piggers makes his first international event at JCI Scotland's National Conference

Posted By admin |23 Apr 2012
Piggers makes his first international event at JCI Scotland's National Conference

Piggers, the little JCI Barnsley pig, made his first little international trip to sunny Scotland for their National Conference from 20-22nd April.

To induct Piggers fully into the JCI fold he needed to meet our twin Chamber JCI Aberdeen and experience one of the most exciting areas of JCI opportunity, international.

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Piggers, and his travelling companion Gemma Fletcher, took the train to Glasgow for this years JCIS National Conference. The journey was beautiful, travelling through the Yorkshire dales all the way to Glasgow.

Piggers was a little tired so both travellers took a tactical nap before the weekends first event, a cocktail master class.

Piggers got to meet his first JCI Edinburgh member in the form of Mhairi McCallum, a fellow European Academy graduate in the same year as Gemma. Piggers made a great impression and made his way to the cocktail class, where he got to meet his JCI Aberdeen twins. Piggers made friends very easily and was definitely a hit! He even got to taste his first cocktail made by Gemma's fair hand! Gemma and Piggers made a sensible decision and left the party before the karaoke started!

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On the first official day in Conference both Gemma and Piggers were able to catch up with old friends and meet new ones! Piggers made himself useful by helping Fiona McGregor of JCI Aberdeen to operate the lights during the public speaking and debating competitions. Piggers especially enjoyed Stuart Pownall's use of voices when telling his fairy stories that eventually led to him being crown the Public Speaking Champion for 2012 and giving Edinburgh their first award of the evening at the awards ceremony.

Piggers them popped to lunch with his new friends, but wasn't very impressed when Gemma chose a pulled pork sandwich!

In the afternoon Piggers took part in the training session entitled Walt Disney's Imagineers! He was able to put his creative skills into practice by helping to make an amusement ride using Disney's 3 stages of development, dreaming, realising and critiquing. Piggers was very proud of his Titanic inspired boat ride.

Next Piggers retired to his room so that he and Gemma could make themselves pretty for the evenings events.

In his best attire both he and Gemma popped to the JCI Edinburgh reception where he tasted his first champagne! Needless to say he was bubbling by the time he arrived at the dinner, where he got to meet Pam and Grace from JCI Aberdeen.

Piggers enjoyed a wonderful meal and enjoyed celebrating with JCI Aberdeen when 2 of their senators received awards. Piggers then made his way through the Lighthouse, viewing exhibits and making his way to the viewing platform to see Glasgow by night.

Piggers wanted a little rest so watched as the guests danced to some tunes. Upon Gemma's return to the table Piggers was missing! JCI Scotland President, Louise Swanson, came to the rescue by making an announcement that poor Piggers had been kidnapped and a reward was offered. The kidnapper was soon revealed in the form of cheeky JCI Aberdeen member Stan Yau, who was punished for his crimes.

For fear of a repeat performances Piggers joined his Scottish and JCI UK National Board friends, Emma Eastwood, Personal Development Director and Solveig Malvik, National President for a bit of a dance. As the witching our approached and Gemma's feet started to hurt both parties made an emergency Macdonald's run before snuggling up in bed.

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Sunday meant brunch and fair well to his new Scottish friends before heading home with Emma and Gemma on the train.

Both Gemma and Piggers were very tired but his first JCI international event was a roaring success and he can't wait to hop on a plane to Germany for JCI European Conference!