Personal Development in 2016

Personal Development in 2016

Posted By admin |27 Jan 2016
Personal Development in 2016


My name is James Lambert and I am honoured to be the 2016 JCI UK Personal Development Director.

Personal Development is one of the main areas of JCI and it is certainly the area where I have gained the most from my membership. I stepped up to the role of PD director as I want to make sure that each and every member has the opportunity to develop themselves and learn something new.

Our three academies are back again this year and all are due to be held in Birmingham as it is the most central location for all chambers.

Marketing Academy (5/6 March)

Public Speaking Academy (14/15 May)

Leadership Academy (19-21 August)

A recent development for JCI UK has been the establishment of a National Training Team (NTT) to help give members who want to get experience of training that opportunity. More details of the NTT will be released in a blog very soon along with details of how to join the NTT and also details of our brand new academy for 2016 – the JCI UK Training Academy which will be held on the first weekend in June.

As well as the academies the official JCI courses will be run around the country and are a great way to find out more about JCI and how to get the most out of your membership and give back to your local community.

Also, there are various opportunities to receive training at a European Level including at European Conference in Finland in June.

Finally, in addition to the courses run at a national level please support training events in your local chamber and speak to your local training director or local president if you want any particular type of training.

Over the coming months I will be telling you more about some of the opportunities available to members and would strongly encourage you to push yourself out of your comfort zone and “Choose Extraordinary”.  

If you have any ideas about things related to Personal Development and how we can offer members more opportunities and support I would love to hear from you. Please email me at

James Lambert

2016 Personal Development Director