Pathways Explanation

Pathways Explanation

Posted By admin |01 Mar 2015
Pathways Explanation

What is Pathways to Active Membership and how can it help me??
Pathways is a great scheme that started a few years ago by Sarah Beckwith our current Deputy National President when she was Membership Director in 2012.  She's kindly answered some questions about the scheme which should help members and chambers alike understand the benefits of Pathways.  Also below is details of how you can get involved and a shoutout to those members who completed Pathways Active Member at the end of 2014.  Over to Sarah...

What made you start the pathways programme?
JCI is a very broad organisation, which is sometimes a bit difficult to explain to new members.  I wanted to design a scheme which would help members understand the wealth of opportunities available to them and show them it was easy to start getting involved.  The pathways scheme helps members make the most of their membership in a structured, easy-to-follow manner and celebrates those who contribute to their chambers in this way.

Who is eligible to take part
The scheme is aimed at new members to JCI and is sent to everyone who joins so they can complete the Pathway to Active Membership.

What are the benefits to the member?
It helps them to get stuck into the organisation straight away.  By taking on small roles, they are much more likely to get to know other members quicker, develop their skills and enjoy all the amazing experiences JCI has to offer.  Members get a certificate of recognition they can take to their employers to show the value of membership.

What are the benefits to the chamber?
Lots of engaged members, who understand JCI and the opportunities of membership.  The scheme is flexible so can be used by every chamber, no matter what the membership base/activities/location.  Members following the pathway are more likely to get fully engaged in all aspects of chamber activities, creating a sustainable chamber with a great succession plan.

Where can I get the forms?
You should have received a copy of the Pathways to Active Membership in your welcome pack.  If you haven't received a copy - fear not the link is below for you.

Pathways Active Member Form

Where should I submit my form?
You can send completed forms to Fiona Silvester - 2015 National Membership Director.  (

What do I get for completing it?
As well as the warm fuzzy feeling inside you'll be presented with a certificate and a gold star pin badge (limited number of pin badges available).  You'll also be mention on JCI UKs social media and newsletters.  We'd love it if you wrote a blog about your experiences too.

If you would like any further information please don't hesitate to get in touch -

Last I would like to say congratulations to those presented with certificates at Inspiration Day in Manchester (Jan 2015).  Well done to:

Zoe Marshall - JCI Barnsley
Ton Sharpe - JCI Barnsley
Leanne Bolan - JCI Barnsley
Anna Hemmingway - JCI Barnsley
Tom Austen - JCI Rotherham
Charlotte Scothern - JCI Rotherham
Ryan Pilkington - JCI Sheffield


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