Our world is in crisis. SDGsAndMe Campaign Launch

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Our world is in crisis. SDGsAndMe Campaign Launch

Posted By admin |27 Feb 2020
Our world is in crisis. SDGsAndMe Campaign Launch

The challenges we face often seem insurmountable – runaway climate change, deforestation, plastics suffocating our seas, mass extinction; gross inequality, poverty, disease and truly horrific human rights abuses – It’s enough to make you stop watching the news and give up on social media altogether.

Because behind every alarming statistic, every number, every dollar sign…there is a person. A real person facing a desperate situation and more often than not that real person is an innocent child.

Our global governance system is under significant strain – many governments are retrenching from their responsibilities as a result, looking inward and questioning the benefits of globalization and multilateral cooperation.

It’s a downward spiral that is difficult to stop.

There is a vacuum in international leadership – an essential ingredient for solving multi-faceted and interconnected problems.

This void needs to be filled, but how?

Well, luckily for us, we already have the best minds of our generation already working on it.

They have laid out a pathway for business and for humanity – a plan that could genuinely save the world.

It has 17 goals and a deadline of achieving them by 2030.

It’s a big, hairy, audacious plan created by the real innovators and change-makers of the world. Some of the greatest leaders in the world,  people like Richard Branson, Paul Polman, Bill Gates, have already put their full weight behind this plan as well.

But it needs #ThePowerOfUs.

‘Ordinary people’ like you and me finding and sharing new ways to adopt, embrace and apply action to achieve these goals and lead others to do the same.

“Sounds great,” I hear you say “but where do I start?”

It’s as easy as 123:

1) Read this blog series of personal insights and practical methods for changing the world through business and through giving for each of the SDGs.

2) Share it with others across your networks using the hashtag #SDGAndMe

3) Share your insights and methods too using the same hashtag #SDGAndMe so we can create a huge repository of ideas and tips/tricks people like us are using to achieve the SDGs. 

Here’s the good news: We already have the means and solutions to solve the critical issues we face today.

We just need to unlock the collective strength of people, ideas, networks and technologies to accelerate the achievement of the SDGs by 2030.

We need a decade of action and delivery

We need each person to become the catalyst for transformational progress that the world desperately needs.

“The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.” – Albert Einstein.

You can genuinely change the world and it’s as easy as 1.2.3.

Don’t believe us? Don’t worry, we’re here to show you how!

Let’s make it happen!