New members' night

New members' night

Posted By admin |22 May 2014
New members' night

Our newest Director, Neal Stirk, has started a new blog and it's pretty fabulous. Check out his entry following our new members' night... We also highly recommend you visit his blog on a regular basis!

So last night (21st of May) was new members' night hosted at the brilliant Bloo 88 on West Street. I'm always blown away by the enthusiasm and sheer brilliance of the council team for JCI Sheffield, members and JCI UK. The passion to improve help people through training, networking and community work through the region, the UK and beyond is infectious.

Blog » Social events » Ilona - New Members.jpgThe night started with talks from JCI UK National President Kate Senter and JCI Sheffield President Ilona Alcock talking about how they got involved and what they do within the organisation. It's always great listening to Kate being National President and a past president for Sheffield. She's come a long way since joining and it's great to see how far you can grow. Then visitors walked round stalls to talk to the council team about various aspects of JCI including Community, Training, Business, International, and Social. This typical washed down with prosecco and pizza!


It was great to catch up with existing members and speak to potential new members a like, But also to see how well the RISE scheme is taking off the number of graduates landing internships and full time jobs is great. It fills me confidence that Sheffield is still a brilliant place to find and job and grow after university.

Blog » Social events » Mark and Neal - New Members.jpgSo on the night I helped with the Community stand with JCI Sheffield Deputy President Mark Smith, also Operations Director of SAFE@LAST, talking about not just the brilliant work that SAFE@LAST do but how we help and how we intend on helping them going forward. We spoke about schemes that intend on running and how we actively encourage our members to start their own projects, sustainable projects and even projects that bring just a little joy to people who need it most.

I look forward to meeting those who joined last night and working with them to help to be better and get what they want out of JCI.