New Intern on the Block Part II: The Intern Rises

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New Intern on the Block Part II: The Intern Rises

Posted By admin |26 Jul 2016
New Intern on the Block Part II: The Intern Rises

The half way point: 2 weeks in. How have they gone so quickly? Two cups of tea down, half way through my to-do list. I've had a busy two weeks. Not only have I been working in the office on all things marketing related, but I have also been out and about on socials and to meetings, meeting professionals, fellow Jaycees and Senators alike.

Hampshire Chamber of Commerce

Last Tuesday, I was given the privilege of attending the Hampshire Chamber of Commerce Southampton Business Board (long name, I know). As part of JCI's agreement with the International Chamber of Commerce, every local branch JCI is entitled work alongside their local Chamber of Commerce. For us, that means getting a seat where other business owners would have had to be members. It's a big honour, and despite not entirely knowing what was going on (it was 8am, forgive me for not being entirely awake) it was an interesting learning experience none-the-less.


JCI Winchester

That Thursday, Celestine, Drew and I went on a little road trip over to Winchester, where work is underway to set up a new Chamber. It was a fun, informal meeting where members of JCI Southampton talked to people who might be interested in setting up their own Chamber and generally networked. We drank, we laughed, it was a nice night all around. Thanks so much to Luke and James for organising such a productive evening and we look forward to hearing more about JCI Winchester soon.

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The British Senate

On the Friday, I had perhaps my favourite social to date. The British Senate were on their weekend trip to the city and we joined them for dinner at the Dancing Man Brewery. One thing I'll say: Senators are wild. These people are some of the most interesting, fun, and genuinely kind people I have ever met. I was given a guided tour of Southampton as we walked them from the hotel to the pub, was invited to a gin tasting session the next day, met the most well behaved Springer Spaniel to ever have existed, heard so so SO many stories of "the old days" (funnily enough, in most of these stories I hadn't even been born yet), and generally chatted to a fantastic group of people. Also I got pie and gravy which, as a Northerner, is very difficult to come by in Southampton unless you know where to go. A wonderful night all around, and I can't wait to meet up with them again soon.

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Two weeks ago, I don't think I could have imagined where I'd be now. I probably wouldn't have thought it was possible to become so passionate about something in such a short space of time. I said I'd hold off on buying my membership until I moved to London in September. I was wrong. I set up payment this morning, I've been telling everyone I know to sign up, and I've set my sights on National Convention 2016. I still have two weeks left. I wonder what will happen next?