NAW16 - New Chamber and Chamber

NAW16 - New Chamber and Chamber

Posted By admin |12 Dec 2016
NAW16 - New Chamber and Chamber

In the last of our National Awards 2016 blogs, we look at our most outstanding chambers.  

Most Outstanding New Local Organisation - JCI Greenwich
(Sponsored by Mark Riddel, Senator #60908) 

From being granted Provisional Organisation status in March, to full affiliation in September, our newest chamber has achieved a lot this year:

  • 100 days project with specific target focus of achieving full affiliation.
  • Soft launch night attended by over 50 people. The event was recorded by local media and featured branded lanyards, posters and cake!
  • Established a working partnership with the University of Greenwich to engage on a Mental Health Project that would address and support the young people with Mental Health challenges at the University and in the community at large.
  • Collaborated with JCI Uganda and JCI Kenya, including a mental health twitter chat.
  • Project established for members to act as role models and mentors to young people in the community.
  • Members participated in World President visit, making their presence felt with a Greenwich banner.

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Most Outstanding Local Organisation - JCI London
(Sponsored by Charles Eder, Senator #69491) 

Some of the many achievements of JCI London in 2016 include:

  • Created a focused Plan of Action with three key objectives.
  • Total of over 60 events held in different areas of opportunity, including: quarterly kick-off events, Meet the Members open evenings, Thirsty Thursday networking, Community events with local partners with a practical focus, international themed dinners, Jet Set Your Career training series, public speaking training, programme of training for the leadership team.
  • Ran large, long-term projects: London2Ghana, Peace Week, London4Refugees (see other blogs for details of these projects).
  • Established and built on partnerships with organisations such as the London Chamber of Commerce Commercial Education Trust, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Global University Systems and the City of London.
  • Improved processes and governance with an intranet system and council team onboarding procedures.
  • Increase in social media activities and following (Facebook likes increased from 4,105 at 01/01 to 4,749 at 30/09 and Twitter followers from 2,702 followers at 01/01 to 3,505 at 30/09).
  • Having a member at pretty much every international event this year, icnluding European Conference, World Congress, European Academy, Global Partnerships Summit and European Know How Transfer.
  • Always maintained a focus on fulfilling the JCI Mission by providing development opportunities to members.

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