NAW16 - Economic Development and Omoiyari

NAW16 - Economic Development and Omoiyari

Posted By admin |21 Dec 2016
NAW16 - Economic Development and Omoiyari

The next two awards go to local projects which have been running in the chambers for a number of years and have constantly been developed and built upon to achieve greater impact on the chambers themselves and their local communities.

Best Local Economic Development Programme - JCI Manchester for Manchester Young Talent Awards
(Award sponsored by David Fairhurst, Senator #31326)

The Manchester Young Talent Awards ("MYTAs") were launched in 2010 (as the chamber rose from being virtually dormant) and we have built on their success year upon year. The MYTAs set out to recognise the region's top talent in the JCI age range. The wider objective of the programme is to establish JCI as a "wow" brand in the region and to attract, engage and inspire potential new members and future leaders.

This year the programme was developed and improved. The categories were revised in response to the chamber's diversifying network of members and wider contacts. The local president also delivered a short training session for potential applicants on writing an excellent award entry in July.

The programme culminates in a black tie dinner and awards ceremony, selling out a room seating nearly 300 people. The evening provides an opportunity to talk to a large audience of leading lights of the region about JCI and this year the chamber's campaign to get people talking about mental health also featured prominently. The MYTAs are a very powerful promotional tool for JCI Manchester. It achieves exceptional social media and print media coverage, allows engagement with corporate partners and brings excellent potential new members, partners and ambassadors to the chamber.

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Best Local OMOIYARI Project - JCI London for Peace Week
(Award sponsored by Michael Steel, Senator # 75446)

Omoiyari is the Japanese principal of cherishing differences between oneself and others, promoting mutual understanding and peace.

The objectives of JCI London's Peace Week project are:

  • Contributing towards the advancement of peace worldwide
  • Raising awareness of the UN International Day of Peace
  • Fostering international collaboration between JCI Chapters across the world
  • Collaborating with partner organisations to promote the message of global peace. 

The project team explained their overall aim and reasoning for the project as follows:

"Our aim was to convince young people that we have a responsibility in our societies. As young citizens of the world we build our future, set examples for the next generation and educate our children. People think that it is the role of international organisations and governments to do this but they are a mere reflection of our actions and demands. Without Peace nothing is possible. Peace is the foundation of our relations inside our community. It should be our main concern before everything else as it has a direct impact on our well-being. That's why we demand Peace - and that's why we act upon it". 

Activities in the project included:

  • Organised a Peace Quiz early in the year to raise awareness and funds for the project
  • Presented the project to World President Paschal Dike and gained his support to help promote the project via video messages
  • Connected with chambers all over the world to encourage social media activity during Peace Week
  • Organised a Peace Conference "From Conflict to Positive Change" on 20 September which over 90 people attended.  Speakers included Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Alberto Portugheis, senior diplomat Paul Whiteway and Director of a human rights NGO Dr Kate Ferguson.
  • Gave out peace hugs on International Peace Day on 21 September in Trafalgar Square  

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