My JCI Story by Clare Franklin - Introduction

My JCI Story by Clare Franklin - Introduction

Posted By admin |02 Dec 2011
My JCI Story by Clare Franklin - Introduction

Council team » clare_cropped.jpgAt last nights JCI Reading board meeting it was suggested to me (by Steve) that I write regular blogs to help me share something that I am passionate about.

Having thought about it on the train home I want to try to create 'my story' through the blogs. Describing my journey as I take on and embark upon what is for me, quite a marked change in JCI roles. From something that became second nature to me, to something that is going to challenge me in finding out new things, doing new tasks, researching, holding and organising new events and potential dealing with new and varied events.

I hope the blogs that you will read over the coming months are Okay. I haven't written many blogs as in the past, so hopefully by writing more they will get better and better. I've started the beginning of my story and I will try to encompass 'JCI themes' such as the safe environment, the support we give each other, the asking other for leads and help, the skills/contacts that come to us with the hope that it demonstrates what we're all about.

As with everything I do I want to learn to do it right so please give me feedback, comment on the blogs on the site, ask us questions. We may not answer them straight away, but we will try to answer them or ask one of our other members to answer them.

I hope you enjoy reading these blogs.


My next post will be published on Sunday.
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