Merry Christmas from JCI Cambridge

Merry Christmas from JCI Cambridge

Posted By admin |24 Dec 2013
Merry Christmas from JCI Cambridge


Hold your horses (or reindeers) – it’s Christmas! I thought I would come to you with this great news in case you had missed it in all the social media and television channels, newspapers, calendars and so on. Basically, if you have been living under a rock or suffer from memory loss I would like you to know that the holidays are finally here. You can come out and celebrate now!

JCI Cambridge held a Christmas dinner a few weeks ago at Côte Brasserie. Social Director Howard Felstead asked us not to dilly dally and to hold on to our woolly hats and also to wear a Santa hat and also to wear a Christmas jumper and also to… Well, there were so many things to think about that I just lost track. Unfortunately for him, I am slightly rebellious so I did not wear a hat or Christmas jumper. I did, however, show up to spread Christmas joy and so on. Twas a lovely dinner, which also happened to be the last JCI event of the year for James Mitchell as President of JCI Cambridge. Mr. Felstead held a speech and thanked him ever so much for his work this past year and we all clapped our hands off, obviously. Thank you James. I think I speak for everyone when I say that you are an inspiration with your enthusiasm and big heart. Thank you for being President of JCI Cambridge 2013.

Now it’s time for Jenny Willatt to take over the role as President of JCI Cambridge and I am convinced that she will do an amazing job. Just like James Mitchell, she has the ability to inspire others just by being herself.

Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year! 


Anna Söderbom is your average JCI Cambridge member. She moved from Stockholm to Cambridge in 2012 and after a few months she joined JCI when she heard the news about there being a gala dinner. She has not regretted it.