Members Put Their Presentation Skills to the Test

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Members Put Their Presentation Skills to the Test

Posted By admin |29 Mar 2011
Members Put Their Presentation Skills to the Test

Written by Annika Vale

Inspired by their successful completion of JCI presenter, JCI members from the Sheffield and
Bradford chambers got together to practise their new skills and to conquer their fear of presenting
for good!

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Simon mid-presentation. The prepared topics covered life experiences, investments nad sustainable fashion

The four members were part of a group of nine from the Boston, Barnsley, Sheffield and Bradford
chambers who completed JCI Presenter in Sheffield last month. The full-day course focused on
creating and delivering an effective presentation covering everything from dealing with nerves to
appropriate structure and positive body language.

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Feedback was given as Tips and Tops for each presentation

A few weeks later, eager to stop the cobwebs from creeping in, a few of the recent Presenter
graduates decided to put their skills to the test with a Presenter Refresher. Over the course of the
afternoon, each member gave a 2-minute pre-prepared presentation on a subject of their choice
before really testing their on-the-spot skills as random subjects such as pot holes and Henderson's
Relish were drawn from a hat. These were fun but far more challenging and the presenters had to
work hard to keep their cool and watch those ums and ers.

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Not a pre-presentation nerve in sight (l-r) Annika, Phil and James...

Overall, the Refresher was a huge success and it was clear to see how much each member's
confidence had grown over the course of a few weeks. New member Simon Leech was buzzing with
adrenaline after the Refresher: ‘Normally I would have been a bag of nerves but I actually enjoyed it!
Everyone was really supportive and it was great to have the opportunity to get feedback from other
Presenter graduates.'

The group are hoping to organise another refresher in a few weeks time and are considering using
the JCI Trainer course taking place in Sheffield later in the year to push their skills even further.