Membership Opportunities and Rewards

Membership Opportunities and Rewards

Posted By admin |24 Jan 2016
Membership Opportunities and Rewards

Last weekend I attended two black tie dinners. At the first I was sat with some members in their early twenties. In the second, I was with senators (lifelong members), some of them in their 70s and 80s. The thing that united them was a passion for JCI. It was fantastic listening to stories from our senators from around the world and how they had benefited from JCI. The world and the organisation may have changed a lot since they were active members, but what JCI can do for its members has not.  

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The JCI Barnsley Dinner and Senate Drumming Out

JCI is a membership organisation. People join for a variety of reasons, but I believe that the one of the main reasons that they stay is the other inspiring members that they meet. We need new members to keep the amazing energy of this organisation going and ensure as many people as possible benefit from JCI membership.

If you ask a room full of members how they heard of JCI, often at least 50% say through a friend. So this year, as part of our Plan of Action, we're asking members to spread the word even more about JCI UK. We want to reward you for doing so. Any member who brings in 10 new members to JCI UK this year, will have their JCI membership paid for next year. It doesn't have to be members brought into your own chamber - any JCI UK chamber counts, as long as they heard about JCI from you.

We also want to celebrate the successes of our members. Every month we will reward a member who has chosen extraordinary. This could be by pushing themselves outside their comfort zone by taking on a new challenge, going above and beyond for their local chamber or JCI UK or helping out fellow members in some way. The winner each month will receive £50 off the cost of a national convention ticket. To nominate a member please e-mail me at at least five days before the end of the month.