Membership Impact Week Day 6 - Meet Jen from JCI Cambridge

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Membership Impact Week Day 6 - Meet Jen from JCI Cambridge

Posted By admin |21 Sep 2012
Membership Impact Week Day 6 - Meet Jen from JCI Cambridge

As we enter the weekend section of Membership Impact Week, we meet National Board member Jen Little from JCI Cambridge.

Portraits » 2012 » jen cropped.jpgCan you explain a bit about what national board is and does?
I see the JCI UK National Board as the glue which pulls the organisation together and represents the UK on the International Stage. With direction from our members we provide support and help implement programmes, training, membership organisation and marketing assistance. On the international level the National Board is there to represent the UK in the various meetings held across the globe. As a smaller Nation we certainly punch above our weight in this respect!

What is your role on national board?
My role on the national board is that of RGC - Regional Group Chair of the South Region. The South region covers Southampton, Portsmouth, Reading, London, Ignite and Cambridge chambers. As RGC I am there to support the Southern chambers, be a sounding board for the local presidents and be a point of contact between the national board and the chambers. It is very much a liaison role!

What made you take on this particular role?
I am passionate about JCI and have learnt so much through restarting the Cambridge Chapter three years ago. Having been President for two years I passed the chapter across to a strong President and council and so wanted a new challenge!

How is the year going?
One of main objectives was to try to hold a regional event to try to bring the chambers together. Earlier this summer we held a training day on the subject of debating and had someone attend from each chamber. The day was great fun with lots of fun and produced some very enthusiastic debaters!

What are you looking forward to in the last quarter of the year?
The last quarter of the year is always a busy one! I am looking forward to completing the 100% efficiency programme for all the south chambers, being part of the judging panel for the awards and lastly enjoying the National Convention in Belfast* - I can't wait!


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