Membership Impact Week Day 1 - Meet Mark from JCI Sheffield

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Membership Impact Week Day 1 - Meet Mark from JCI Sheffield

Posted By admin |09 Sep 2012
Membership Impact Week Day 1 - Meet Mark from JCI Sheffield

For Day 1 of Membership Impact Week, we meet Mark Smith of JCI Sheffield, who is a very recent joiner!

How did you hear about JCI?
It was actually via twitter when I saw a retweet about an open evening and networking event aimed at people wanting to find outmore about what JCI Sheffield is all about and information about the benefits of becoming a member. After being a member for a few months, I now look back and realize the full potential of ‘the power of twitter'!

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What persuaded you to join?
Ultimately what good value for money the membership is as most, if not all of the personal development training and workshops sounded appealing to me - I could easily got to two or three events or trainings a month. I also really liked the thought of the opportunity to meet new people and also to develop a new social network. The open evening wasn't a ‘hard sell' and everyone was so friendly. I could also see the range of opportunities available locally and also internationally with the JCI network.

What was your first event?
The first event I went to after being a fully paid up member, was a trampoline session! It seemed a bit random, but I didn't want to miss the opportunity of rekindling a bit of my childhood! The fun element helped to break the ice with meeting other members as it was such a unique experience! I was then asked to write a blog entry as a new member on this experience. Do check out my words on the JCI Sheffield website!

What was your first impression and has that changed since?
I was really pleased that everyone I met on the opening session was so friendly and approachable and this has continued to be my experience throughout all the different workshops and events I've been to throughout my membership so far. I've got no reason to think this will change!

What are you looking forward to in your first year of membership?
Meeting new people and getting to know other members and the council team both from my own JCI group but also from other JCIs nationally and internationally. I really hope I get the opportunity to (and be brave enough!) to travel abroad to some of the other events, conferences and get togethers that I'm hearing lots about. Closer to home, I'm looking forward to attending a wide range of different personal development workshops and sharing my ideas at the strategic planning sessions.

I also notice that there doesn't seem to be many members who work in the voluntary, community and charitable sector like I do so its been really good to tell people and answer their questions about the childrens charity SAFE@LAST who I work for. I'm really pleased that some members have said they will sign up to do our sponsored rough sleep in a car park in October to raise awareness and funds to help local vulnerable children at risk through running away see